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Track Bias and a Quick Play on Favorite

Track Biases can make or break a horse and in horse racing betting its something that definitely should be noted

1.) Watch the turns. Are the horses eating up ground on the outside, or is the rail the only place to be?

2.) Watch the break from the gate. Are particular post positions sluggish during the early going, even when early speed horses are present. Read more »

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19 Top Us Horse Racing Track Bias

In the 21st century of horse racing there is no downplaying the importance of track bias. The condition of the horse racing track and the affect weather has on it can turn a favorite into a loser and a long shot into a potential winner.

If you go to Vegas and they say there is a fix on roulette and it rarely hits above 22 would you believe them? Well this actually happens at particular races in horse racing and this is called track bias. Read more »

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