Woodward Stakes September 3, 2011

Today is a great day in the horse racing world as we get geared up for the 750K Woodward Stakes in Saratoga. This is a 1 1/8 mile long race with some top notch horses such as Havre De Grace, Mambo Meister, Giant Oak , Ice Box and Mission Impazible racing this should set up for a nice battle.

Havre De Grace is looking to keep the horse of the year trend going for the females. She is trying to join the company of Zenyatta in 2010 and Rachels Alexandrea in 2009 with competing agains 7 males today. She will have her work cut out for her but she has won 3 out of 4 races this year but to be in the running for horse of the year she can’t win this by a head she needs to put on a show and win with class and blow her competition away. Here is the Entries for the race along with a break down of today’s race:

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1 Ice Box
ML: 12-1
J. Lezcano
126 Lbs
N. Zito L
2 2 Mission Impazible
ML: 10-1
J. Velazquez
126 Lbs
T. Pletcher L
3 3 Giant Oak
ML: 8-1
S. Bridgmohan
126 Lbs
C. Block L
4 4 Rule
ML: 5-1
J. Castellano
126 Lbs
T. Pletcher L
5 5 Convocation
ML: 20-1
R. Maragh
126 Lbs
J. Jerkens L
6 6 Havre de Grace
ML: 8-5
R. Dominguez
123 Lbs
J. Jones L
7 7 Flat Out
ML: 5-2
A. Solis
126 Lbs
C. Dickey L
8 8 Mambo Meister
ML: 10-1
F. Jara
126 Lbs
P. Gleaves









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