The Winning Pick 6 Horse Racing Strategy Guide

So you have been handicapping horses with very little if any consistent success

You are looking to win big at the track and create some financial independence doing what you love

Tired of just getting by and wanting to get ahead in life and have a blast doing it!!

The Pick 6 is the most profitable and most misunderstood wager in horse racing. Each week there are pick 6 jackpots exceed well over $100,000 and some will carry into the higher six figures. We will teach you how to go after these jackpots with a legitimate chance of winning them to the point we will expect you to cash these tickets and give you tips on when you do.

*Would a $376,000 Pick 6 paycheck Change your life?

*Would you be happy with making a six figure income year in and year out handicapping horses?

* This Pick 6 ebook will set you up for life helping you make the smartest pick 6 plays possible??

* Have you ever thought about having fun and making a life for yourself at the same time?

This Ebook on How to Win a Pick 6 Will change not only your life but the way you think about horse racing forever. To be honest only 2% of people who handicap horses win consistently and probably smaller than that will consistently year in and year out.

Well you have hit the jackpot because this ebook will set you up for life in horse racing as long as you follow what is taught, keep a winning attitude, and treat this like a business not being foolish with your money.

This is not a handicapping book and its not about a system there are plenty of those out there that are costing people money everyday. You might have already tried the many out there.

This is not some computer software that goes through some mass calculations that will spit out the winners of the races and never loses. Those actually lose very often and if they were that fool proof than it would be way more than 2% of horse racing handicappers making a consistent profit.

This is not a get rich quick scheme that will require no thought and will guarantee that you will not lose again. Get real!! This is horse racing and anything can happen in the sport of kings. You will still lose some of these pick 6 races and actually you will lose frequently but it only takes a few tickets a year to make a six figure income and we will show you how to do just that!! This is not on trial it flat works! IT WILL WORK FOR YOU if you follow what is laid out.

This is a very simple laid out plan to put on the track to bringing home massive pick 6 paychecks. When you understand the principles in this eBook you will have a whole new outlook on horse racing and have a hard time sleeping at night you can bet on that!

This is designed for anyone whether you are brand new to the sport of horse racing or a seasoned veteran who has read everything that can be read on betting on thoroughbreds. It has no biased and will put everyone on the same page.

This is going against what you may have been taught in the past but its what the 2% of consistent (probably less than 2% actually) winners know about horse racing or stumbled on by accident. You will see why many handicappers have and will keep losing there money to build up these massive pick 6 pools that you will be bringing home after armed with this information.


He tells you what tracks to play and why. He tells you the recommended field size. What horses to embrace and avoid. I think most important though is that he teaches you a playable plan. A strategy that is many more times likely to win than the average weekend players pick 6. I understand it. I just hit my very first pick 6 jackpot of $35,654 I am very excited and looking to go after many more..I am just getting started.

Mitch Hoff
Columbus, OH


This came recommended from a semi-retired horseman at Churchill Downs. From his email “you will enjoy this more than any information on handicapping you’ve probably ever read.” He was right. He tries hard to show the reader a path to being financially free, or at the very least earn $100,000 every year. The key to it all – he proves it step by step. Its Amazing!! There is no doubt in my mind that my big pay day is coming. I just recently cashed a small pick 6 for $23,000 and missed a $236,000 by one horse. Also within the first 8 races of applying this info I hit 5 out of 6 that paid me $19,545. Not bad for just getting started.

Kevin Eisenbech
Ashland, KY


This ebook is very well written and condensed, not like any other horse racing information out there and the countless systems that end up being useless. This is because he not only teaches you how to win the Pick 6, he teaches you how to be a better bettor at the track. He teaches you how to earn a living (if that’s your goal) from playing the Pick 6. Best of all, he teaches you without being terribly technical and filling pages with tons of numbers. He explain how he goes about doing so when handicapping the Pick 6 for that day and how much time is involved. I have shared this with all my friends and now a handful of us have hit some pick 6’s with the payouts all being over 13k!! On our way to 6 figures.

Henry Loebeck
Altwater, CA


If you want to win at the horse track than look no further and lets start your path to winning today. I love horse racing and want to see everyone Win with this Winning Pick 6 Strategy.

So what do you think??? How about I just give it to everyone for FREE and then when you actually start cashing in your Pick 6 tickets whether it be $56,000 or $125,000 even the smaller ones at $12,000 on a day when you have to split the pool. Shoot I would just take ½% for sharing the knowledge with you. LOL

Well we know that once the money starts coming in trying to find me and share that portion with me would be the absolute last thing on your mind.

So realistically this is worth a lot of money as I know if you follow it you will be in that less than 2% category of horse handicappers that win consistently year in and year out setting up a lifestyle of your dreams.

So is $275 fair? Or $125 nope~ I am the biggest fan of horse racing myself and want to get this out as fast as possible. Now once it gets to the point the word is out then I will stop the sale of it and not sell any more. The last thing we need is these pick 6 jackpots dwindling because of the amount of people suddenly hitting them.

Order today and get Top FREE 50 horse racing tips from the best horse racing handicappers in the world and a list of fun popular betting systems guaranteed to put money in your pocket.


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  • By Adam, October 25, 2012 @ 8:27 am

    I purchased Joe’s Pick 6 strategy guide Less then 1 year ago. I began applying it to the pick 5. With the low takeout the large pools and the .50 cent minimum wager I find it to be a great bet. It took 4 months And i hit my 1st jackpot for 17k, followed by hits of 20k & 15k before catching the big one at Laurel Park for 100k. You must be patient and stick to the plan, there will be periods you go through of extended loses, but the wins out way the loses by many times because of the way your structure your wagers. Bravo Joe!

  • By admin, October 29, 2012 @ 10:03 pm

    Congratulations!!! There are many people who buy this ebook but do not stick to it like you have and it has paid off. You deserve it for sticking with the program and dude you just told me about the big on not the 17k, 20k, and 15k..those are some nice pots as well. Happy handicapping my friend! lets Stay in touch

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