Horse Race Winning and Wagering Basics

Horse racing is a sport that needs both luck and effort. It is an exciting game that allows an individual to enjoy and win if lucky. One can earn or lose money through betting. In these sports, there are particularly many guidelines the horse rider should know. The most influential one is to choose the right horse in order to win the race. It may not be an easy task to predict the winning horse. Therefore, it is necessary to research on different breeds of horses that are used in the race. Further, get reliable information about the past performance record of the horse and keep in mind that horses too get old.

Another thing on which to research is the jockey because horses do not run on their own at any given race. Jockeys play the role of guiding and leading the horses. The history of the jockey can reveal insights into the experience he or she has. Also, investigate information on the trainers because trainers and jockeys are considerably responsible for the agility and skill of the horse. For instance, a skilled trainer can turn a fair horse into a winning horse. Remember a marvellous jockey is capable of handling any breed of horse handed to him.

The next thing to know is about the type of bet one wants to engage. There are, fundamentally, three betting options from which one can choose. These include the bet to show, the bet to win and the bet to place. Bet to show is easy to make since one will win as long as the horse comes first, second or third position. Bet to win has highest returns, but has the least odd to win. For a bet to place, it requires either to choose the first or second position for the horse that one picks.

Throughout this site we have provided many horse racing tips and strategies for cashing more tickets at the window. We continue to look online and offline for handicapping information that will make us better. I have a program from Laurel Park that is on my wall from the early sixties and you would be amazed on how really small it is. In the old days there were a few books on handicapping horse racing but they were few and far between. The knowledge, statistics, and data that we have today can be almost overwhelming to the point we say why bother resorting to picking the horse with the coolest name.

I invite you while you are on your quest to enjoying the sport of kings to have fun doing it. You will have days that come off great along with the ones that make you want to stay away from the track. Enjoy the journey getting just a little better or picking up a tip here and there. I found this book below which was written by the site that we are all familiar with called It really gives one of the best breakdowns for understanding all the horse racing date thrown at you in the most basic form. So if you are new to the sport this is a must and with being a handicapper for awhile I really appreciated the simple format of this information and it brought things into a clear focus. Click below I have provided the link to the guide to Winning and Wagering basics you will really enjoy it. Happy Handicapping everyone and we will talk to you soon.

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