Who will win the Preakness 2015?

Hello everyone! Happy Preakness and the 2nd leg of the triple crown as the horse racing enthusiast ask themselves one more time “Is this going to be the year of the Triple Crown?” There have been a good list of horses that have knocked the first two races out with the Derby and the Preakness the real test lies in the Belmont. 

It looks like we will be having a short field of 8 horses and my quick analysis is we are going to see a very similar race to the Kentucky Derby. Of course we all know anything can happen in horse racing but the horses that are coming into this race seem pretty inferior to the top three which are American Pharoah, Dortmund and Firing Line.

Reports are that all three horses appear to be in good shape and after watching the Derby over and over I noticed that he stayed on the outside part of the track the whole race. This means he ran roughly about 33 yards more than the other horses and still pulled it off. Today he will be on the rail and as long as their is a clean break should be an easy task winning by a few lenghts. As for second place I am going with Firing Line. I thought that horse ran a very good race and as you can see in the past he does not like losing. Dortmund will be the other one who will be battling it out til the end who has very good talent. So as the race wraps up I see a clear victory for American Pharaoh and a battle for second where Firing Line pulls it out.

2015 Preakness

2015 Preakness with Firing Line going for a gallop


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