What is the Triple Crown in Horse Racing

Triple Crown Horse Racing

The only way to get the Triple Crown title is to get 3 consecutive win. In United States there are 3 Different Types of Races and these types of races are originally called Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. Winning 3 consecutive times must be achieved to be a title holder of Triple Crown. First among the three is “The Kentucky Derby” (Run for the Roses) – 2.01 km, dirt track. Kentucky Derby was tracked at Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky on May 17, 1875. Second is “The Preakness Stakes” (Middle Jewel of the Triple Crown) – 1.91 km, dirt track. Preakness Stakes held it’s first tracked at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland on October 25, 1870. And last is “The Belmont Stakes” (The final Jewel) – 2.41 km, the longest dirt track. Belmont Stakes was tracked at Belmont Park in Belmont New York on 1867.

Ever since Triple Crown horse racing started in United States, only 11 horses got the title. The 1st one who won the Triple Crown was Sir Barton on 1919. “Triple Crown” word wasn’t created yet when Barton won the 3 races, but still considered as the first winner of the said title. 2nd Triple Crown winner was Gallant Fox on year 1930, 3rd was Omaha on 1935, 4th was War Admiral on 1937, 5th winner was Whirlaway on 1941, 6th was Count Fleet on 1943, 7th was Assault on 1946, 8th was Citation in 1948, 9th was Secretariat on 1973, Seattle Slew was 10th winner on 1977. The last horse named “Affirmed” won the Triple Crown on 1978 and no other horse won again after Affirmed.

Winning the Triple Crown Horse Racing is a huge accomplishment or achievement. But after Affirmed won the title on 1978, it became so hard to get this title again.

Its seems that a lot of today’s horse racing is bet on speed and not as much on stamina. So horses come close to snatching the Triple Crown as of late like War Emblem, Curlin, Thunder Gulch and a few more but on that last race at the Belmont the distance is just too much for them. They are not conditioned to run those races back to back to back.

In the future we will see if speed horses still play a big factor or if one handicapper/owner will recognize the error and focus on saving stamina.  The Triple Crown is famous and exciting for fans but unfortunately I feel the owners of horses in the world are not that enthused or worried about having a triple crown winner. We shall see what the future holds. Kentucky Derby 2012 is right around the corner and should be one to remember.

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