If you want to win then BE PREPARED

What’s up my people?? Okay so this article is a little off the cuff but it’s real life stuff so wanted to put a post about it. In Alton Illinois there is this nice little off track betting parlor/restaurant called Macs Time Out. I have enjoyed placing my bets there for years! They have a pretty cool set up and very friendly there. We just went there yesterday and it really hit me about this top BE PREPARED.

Now if you are just playing for fun then you can ignore most of the information on this site. We are producing horse racing tips because we want YOU to win. So back to the story me and my wife went with her sister and her fiance to Macs for a little betting on the ponies. They know that I love the horses so looked towards me for advice. I was just eager to get some good bets in and see the results. Sooo one thing that I did not do was walk in prepared. If you want to win I think you should be walking into the track or OTB with the program printed and future bets written down.

I walked away a loser yesterday because I did not do either. We got one program which everyone wanted to share from me and I took the time to explain the bets to them. I tried to keep it simple so they could have some fun but most of my time was consumed with answering questions. If I would have came prepared I could have made my bets probably left a winner as well as poured my time into the newbies. Not only could I have won but I might have just created a few horse racing fans. They had fun but it’s always more fun if you cash big tickets.

What is something that you have learned recently from your handicapping experiences?? 

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