How to find the Horse this race was Designed for

In each track throughout the country there is a horse racing secretary that puts together the race for that particular day. Each horse race that is put together has a lot of thought and planning so that the race card comes out smoothly and the entrants get their horses entered to the race that fits them the best. This is a key starting point for anyone trying to win at Horse Racing Betting. When looking at the Daily Race Form you will see at the top the particular race that is being run with the specifics of the horses that are allowed to run in that particular race.

Although we all know that on any giving day there are horse races that go off and not even the best handicapper in the world would of picked the horse towin. This gives an even keel to the horse racing industry but an important note to remember which is over looked by some and not known by others is: In fact every race on the card is written with a particular kind of horse in mind. That is the racing secretary’s main purpose, to provide winning opportunities for every horse in the barns.

So with this 100% accurate statement the handicappers who learn the particular horse that is designed to win the race will be way ahead of the rest.

From the handicappers condition book here are the several races that go off daily and the type of horses best suited to win each race. If you spot this horse and handicap him effectively you will see huge opportunities where the horse race was written for that particular horse~

Maidens, 3-and-up, or 4-and-up, any distance

The horse that finished second last time out.

Maiden claiming, all ages, any distance

The horse moving from a maiden or maiden special weight race, provided from is intact, it has a front-running or pace-pressing running style, and its speed figures for either of its previous two races are amount the top two in the field.

Allowance, non winners of two races, or non winners of a race other than maiden or claiming.

Lightly raced younger maiden winners that have raced close once or twice with above-average clockings under similar conditions. One that has performed well in a few starts against similar or better allowance rivals.

Allowance, non winners two times other than maiden or claiming.

Lightly raced impressive younger horses, especially nicely bred improving three-year-olds, that recently have won an allowance race easily or impressive in better than average time.

Allowance, non winners three times other than maiden or claiming.

Impressive winners of two recent allowance races that performed evenly or better in a stakes or handicap.

Allowance, non winners four times other than maiden or claiming.

Previous stakes winners, preferably of open stakes.

Conditioned stakes, bars previous stakes winners or winners of a specified amount since a specified date.

Horses that have been in the money recently or have run close in an open stakes of fairly high purse value, provided good from or continues in the improvement cycle

Stakes, Grade 1

Previous Grade 1 stakes winners.

Stakes, Grade 2

Previous Grade 1 or Grade 2 stakes winners, preferably a well-meant Grade 1 horse.

Stakes, Grade 3, Listed, or ungraded but open

In the absence of well-meant Grade 1 or Grade 2 winners, a recent persuasive winner of a Listed stakes, preferably of a purse comparable to or greater than today’s.

Classified allowances, relatively unrestricted

Any horse whose basic class, as indicated by purse values won, restrictions of prior classified conditions, or the quality of horses in its recent best efforts, is superior to today’s conditions, especially one stakes winners, provided form is good and the distance, probable Pace are comfortable.

Classified allowanced, relatively restricted.

Currently sharp horses that have been competing for money of comparable or better value and are well suited to today’s length and probable pace.

Claiming races, all ages, all prices.

Any horse that is dropping in claiming by 30% or more. Provided good form, improving or peaking, and the horse has high to satisfactory early speed or the top speed figure.

Starter races, all ages, all prices

Horses that have won or run close previously at the highest open claiming price, especially a horse that has won a prior race in the starter series, or one that became eligible by a drop in claiming class last time out.

(N2L) non winners of two races lifetime

(N1X) non winners of a race other than maiden or claiming

(N3L) non winners of three races lifetime

(N2X) non winners of the races other than maiden or claiming

(N$Y) non winners of a race of $20,000 or more since

These are some general guidelines about the particular horse that you are looking for and you can start your handicapping here or just use as a foundation as you scan the horse racing program. Good luck and happy handicapping.

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