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In United States, there is one channel which is really dedicated to horse racing and a lot of horse racing fans is viewing this channel. It is the Television Games Network or TVG Network that began to broadcast in 1999. Since then, TVG became the largest horse racing TV network that covers 30 million homes nationwide (United States) and on May 2006 they started to air new shows like Morning Line, Fandicapping, 58 Flat, Lady Luck and Drive Time.

This channel is usually available only in any select cable companies in United States like on Dish Network and DirecTV. Aside from broadcasting the horse racing in television, they also offer radio simulcast on SiriusXM satellite.

TVG are not only focusing on live horse racing If you love horse racing, you will enjoy a lot of horse related topics to the fans such as horse races interviews, race analysis, handicapping tips and strategies, true to life stories of those successful horses’ personalities, legends of horse racing and a lot more. They even have programs that feature training and workouts of horses called “The Works.”

As TVG became popular on radio simulcast and television because of their coverage that has a total of 100 of the World’s premier racetracks, TVG also created a website so wagering of horse racing fans will be much easier. And take note, that if you will go to their site on, you will learn how to make wagers from home or even on your own mobile phone, internet online, telephone or wherever you might be available using a set-top remote control. Remember that only account holders of are allowed to do those wagering so if you want to be one of them, just go directly to their website and sign up your account.

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Aside from all of the amazing offers of TVG that is mentioned above, one of the special things that TVG have is about the fictional betting. Since America has 15 States which betting is prohibited, they created the website By using the .net domain, they can now differentiate the fictional betting to real gambling that almost the same in some .net poker websites.

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