How to Train a Race Horse

Horse Training Overview

Training horses takes a lot of time and commitment. Despite that, lots of people do it (or attempt to do it) each year. Here, we will talk about how horses are trained to race. Trainers have to consider a lot of factors about how to train their horse, which race would be best for their horse, and which races to enter, when. We will also talk about how trainers often prepare their horses for race day. We hope this article will help you to better understand what happens during horse training.

How Are Horses Trained to Race?

Horse training starts at a very young age. At about a year and a half, horses start their training. Over the course of several weeks, long reigning will be used around the fields. Before this point, horses are usually comfortable with leads, lunges, and having a bit. After a while, a rider will attempt to ride the horse. It is at this point that more intense training can begin. Younger horses are trained normally with older horses. In this way, trainers can determine the characteristics of each of their horses. This is the stage where the trainer will try flat racing with a jockey.

What Race to Enter?

Young horses (a few years old) are normally entered in flat races. Older horses are typically entered in National Hunt Races, jump races. This is because National Hunt race training can take years of intense work. Flat racing is much simpler to learn. The trainer will take into account things like how far a race is, the sort of terrain, and how a horse performs within those limits to decide what race(s) to enter. Once that is determined, the trainer will have to work closely with the owner to enter races.

Preparing for the Big Race

On the day of the big race, trainers will feed their horses before departing. They then take them to the track. The goal is to arrive a few hours before. In this way, horses can be fed again and given a bit of water before both feed and water are taken away an hour before posting. For a half hour before race time, the horses will be exercised. This helps the horses warm up, and get acclimated to the atmosphere of the race. Horses are then saddled. After a bit of inspection and more walking, horses are placed at the start and jockeys mount them. They will be given time to relax after the race.


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