Top 8 Horse Racing Bets

We all know that horse racing is one of the most popular sports around the world especially in the UK and Japan. With horse racing being centuries years old the betting and handicapping of the sport has increased its popularity to what it is today. One of the most awaited moment at the horse track is when there is money being wagered and down the stretch they come! With the technology today you don’t even have to physically be at the track to place a bet. This can be done online and the race can be watched via simulcast as many betting parlors have various races going on at the same time.

There are some very simple bets that can be chosen and there are some tricky bets to choose from as well. If you are new to the sport there are a lot of options to choose from and you might start wondering what would be the best type of bet to choose. So it is better to research first about the horses that will be in the race and which ones appear to be the best (this site can help you do that with the various horse racing tips). Here’s some information regarding various types of bets.

All in all, there are 13 different types of bets in horse racing. These are Win, Place, Show, Across the Board (Combination of Win, Place & Show), Exacta, Exacta Box, Quinella, Trifecta, Trifecta Box, Superfecta, Superfecta Box, Daily Double and Pick 3. But among these bet types, there are Top 8 Horse Racing Bets. What are those types of bets that are considered in Top 8? And what are the differences or meaning of these kinds of bets? The following information is the Top 8 Horse Racing Bets with definition on each type of bet. This will help serve as a guide to betting.

1. Win
This type of bet is the most simple and easiest. You just need to pick which horse you think will win, and if that horse cross or finishes the line first, you definitely won on your bet!

2. Place
If you placed your bet in a horse that finishes either 1st or 2nd place, you also won on your bet!

3. Show
When you placed your bet in a horse that finishes the line 1st, 2nd or 3rd, you won your bet!

4. Exacta
You can tell literally the meaning of this bet on its own name. Your bet must be exact. You need to bet 2 horses that will be the exact 1st place and 2nd place. For example, you bet horse #1 to be 1st place and horse #2 to be 2nd place; they must win in that order for you to win this bet. This type of bet is giving huge money in return because predicting the correct order of winners is not easy.

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5. Trifecta
Almost similar to Exacta Bet, you must bet in 3 horses that you think will be the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placer and they must won in the correct order the same as your bet.

6. Superfecta
Also, almost similar to Exacta and Trifecta bets, you must choose exactly the 4 horses that you think will be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th placer and they must won in the correct order the same as your bet. In Exacta, Trifecta, and Superfecta Bets you can choose an option called boxing which means that they can come in any order. When you do this you will be paying per each combination possible.

7. Pick 3
In this type of bet, you will win if you picked the 3 horses that won in 3 consecutive races. The 3 horses that you picked must win based on the specific race that you bet.

8. Pick 6
Almost the same in Pick 3 bet. You must pick 6 horses that you think will win in 6 consecutive races and they must be the winner specifically based on the races that you bet. This kind of bet will give huge payout because it’s hard to predict the 6 winners in 6 consecutive races.

Based on the information given above regarding the Top 8 Horse Racing Bets you already have the idea now on where to place your bets. Remember in horse racing betting that its a sport and there are risk. Anything can happen at any time which makes it exciting but risky too. Gamble only the money that you can. Save for yourself and for your family first and if you have some extra money. Enjoy horse racing for the sport and look at it as a form of entertainment unless you want to become serious about it which takes hard work and determination.

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