Top 11 tips for betting Maidens

When you are handicapping maidens there are certain things to look for if you are looking to win. There is limited information with maiden horse races and even though they are passed by many handicappers this could be the gold flow for you. Here we break down exactly what to look for:

1.)Look up workouts
This is very crucial and the most important angle in betting maidens. Read and understand the latest workout page.

2.) Dissecting Betting

Follow information of hot and cold sires from the racing from. Listen closely and look for brother or sisters to stake winners then tuck that info away for the next start.

3.) Class edge over field

Certain maiden horses will have the upper hand due to all around class, great breeding, solid workouts, and a good trainer are all around class features.

4.) Watching the tote board

This technique has been around for years and is still a factor today. Horses starting for the 1st time seems like money often finds the hot horses especially a few minutes before the gate.

5.) Layoffs

If a maiden is laid off its usually due to an injury. If the horse is only 2 then its often minor so use this to your advantage by throwing out or betting them.

6.) Workout Consistency

If you notice that a horse (at a good track of course) is spaced more than 7 days apart usually its due to an injury so study these horses closely.

7.) Two to three start theory

This theory is very simple and has been incorporated in several systems out there today. If a maiden has not won after his second start throw  him out. The only time this horse is ever played is if it had an excuse for one of these starts. This is a dynamite theory in Maiden Special weight races. If its a race where all have more than 3 starts then of course this cannot be used.

8.) Bouncing back

If you have a maiden that loses to a horse that goes on to win against a better field its definitely one to watch. Its tough to find but well worth it as this loser could be a “live horse.”

9.) Know Trainers, Jockeys and Owners

Key point-> handicappers should know which trainer uses certain jockeys on a regular basis. If you spot a maiden with great workouts but the trainers is not using his usual jockey.. look out!

10.) Maiden Claiming Races

Be alert on maidens that have posted some solid workouts but are in a claiming race. If they were that good then why are they in risk of being claimed.

11.) Maidens who do not win but are still bet down

There will be some maidens that will always come close to winning but never win. Eliminate these non contenders and take advantage of throwing out the favorite.

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Maidens that ship to a better track usually fail for example: if you have  a maiden that is running consistently well at Belmont and bring him to Monmouth he would not even finish in the money even being at the same class.

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