Top 4 Elite Rules in Horse Handicapping

When going to the track there are things that you should do to make sure you have the best experience. These revolve around four main points which we will discuss briefly. These points when violated will have a bad result if not today over time. You will not win every race if you follow these by any means but if you follow them but you will definitely be doing a better job of putting the odds in your favor. Here we go~

1.) Be prepared before the races and betting before you begin.

Be prepared before you start your day at the track. Handicap before the races begin so as to have some idea of which races and horses you are going to bet. Before teh race you will have a post parade to watch, payoffs to analyze, bets to plan and conversations with other handicappers. If you are prepared you will not feel rushed to make a last minute decisions which can be disatrious. Make sure you take enough money to last the day and don’t count on winning the first few bets to play off of.

2.) Be consistent in your betting.

Most people expect to win their first few bets and if they do they may then increase their betting in the next few races. Of if they lose they will bet less in the next races. Instead try to be consistent when playing each race.

3.) Expect bad luck to happen from time to time.

You should know in advance that you may have the best horse but something unexpected can happen during the race and that horse gets beat. That is just part of the horse racing game we are playing. At times you will have good luck and cash a wager you should of loss and vice versa.

4.) Learn from your mistakes.

One of the factors that leads to a losing streak obviously is making mistakes. This could be overlooking or ignoring a certain horse or handicapping the race right but not betting it right. It is impossible to avoid making these mistakes as that is part of the learning process. However these mistakes can be used to your advantage if you learn from them. Review what you have done each day and identify where you made mistakes then adjust accordingly.

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