What is the Jockey Club

In North America, Thoroughbred horses are known as to be the most popular breed among all the kinds of horses. Owners of Thoroughbred horses are spend a lot of time training their horses to be strong enough and ready for the upcoming events of horse racing. Even though most Thoroughbred horse owners are knowledgeable, they still look for an organization to help them out on how they can properly take care of their horses and the assurance that their horses will be properly trained of. The organization known as the Jockey Club was created for horse trainers around North America.

This organization was formed on February 9, 1984 and most of the founders of Jockey Club were come from prominent and wealthy sportsmen like Philip Dwyer, John Morris, William Kissam Vanderbilt and William Collins Whitney. After it was created, The Jockey Club Research Foundation was established on 1940 with the great help of George D. Widener, Jr., William Woodward, Sr. and John Hay Whitney. It is now known as the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation Inc. since Grayson Foundation and The Jockey Club have merged.

The Jockey Club is known to be the authority for all Thoroughbred horses in North America, Canada, Puerto Rico and they also have offices in Lexington, Kentucky and New York City. American Stud Book is called the Registry that is maintained by the Jockey Club. This organization was formed to show its dedication to Thoroughbred horses and their main priority is to train and improve all the ability and capability of Thoroughbred horses. They also are there to help them to improve the Thoroughbred breeding and racing.

Jockey Club does their best to keep the character and dignity of horse racing on the straight path. They prohibit any cruelty or anything that will harm horses that run on a frequent basis. With their extensive knowledge they are able to give up to date horse training information to new and veteran owners on what they can do to improve the health of their race horses.

But take note that cloned Thoroughbreds or those horses that uses artificial insemination are not allowed to get registered in American Stud Book. They have the policy that they wanted to keep throughout their history that horses with “natural” procreation are the only one that allowed to be on their lists. This keeps the organization pure and for corrupt breeding practices. For more information on this Jockey Club go to this link here.

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