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Calvin Borel who has the nick name Bo “rail” is one of the most famous Jockey’s in the world of horse racing today. He is on his way to the hall of fame and has made his mark on American horse racing with his amazing skill and ability. Here is a little history of Calvin Borel and what makes him so great. When you are at the track take notice of the horse he is riding because you can almost never rule this guy completely out no matter what horse he is riding.

Calvin Borel is an American Jockey, born on 7th of November 1966 at South Louisiana. Calvin has the nickname of Bo “rail” which he developed early in his career. This comes from the habit of going to the rail and riding the horse to many victories giving competition to any that faced him.  Calvin appears to really get a feel for the horse that he is riding and sees opportunities that other jockeys miss. His ability to adjust according to the horses riding abilities makes him very hard to beat.

His career as Jockey started to have a good flow when he had his big break in winning his first Breeder’s Cup on 2006 in the Breeder’s Cup Juvenile. Then in 2007 he won his first Kentucky Derby ever.  Calvin was awarded as the 6th Jockey that won 6th times on a single race card on Churchill Down’s history in 2007 which an impressive mark to say the least. On the following year, July 2008,  another achievement was given to Borel as the 34th Jockey that won 4,500 races in North America. For the 2nd time around, the Kentucky Derby on May 2, 2009, was achieved again by Calvin Borel. He also won the Oaks as well which is only the 2nd time in history a jockey won Oaks-Derby combo since 1993.  He also in the same year just missed the Triple Crown by a Jockey riding different horses. Horse racing has been very good to him to say the least and he has an amazing work eithic. He won for the 3rd time around the Kentucky Derby on May 1, 2010 and the future continues to look bright as he is still racing today.

Compare to all races that he won on the past years; nothing beats to his greatest achievements to the following 4 consecutive years after 2006. His career definitely started to blast when he won the 3 Kentucky Derby on year 2007, 2009 and 2010.  He’s known to be the first Jockey in horse racing history that won 3 times in Kentucky Derby within 4 years.

What is another attractive quality is that he appears to be a humble jockey. When he won the Kentucky Derby in 2009 on Mine That Bird who was a long shot tears of joy came down his face as he said it was for his Dad who passed away. We are looking forward to seeing this Jockey accomplish much more and take note when he is in a race because he just might win you some money too.

Check out this short biography video below:

Check below as Calvin Borel Rides in the 2009 Kentucky Derby

A Very Happy Day for Borel


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