Santa Anita Pick 6 Picks 01/19/2012

Good Morning Horse Racing Handicappers! Today we will be going to Santa Anita to go after this lofty Pick 6 which is heading into the Six Figure range currently at $107,326 someone is going to hit this race and it should be you. On this site there is also a pick six strategy book that gives you horse racing tips on how to strategically make your picks with success. Here is our Horse Racing Picks for Santa Anita Park today:

Race 1: The Hunt is on and Bench the Judge

Race 2: Almost a Lady and Vicki Victoria

Race 3: Joseph Joe and I Sense Your Luck

Race 4: Ultimate Decision and Myhorseofcourse

Race 5: Von Nez and The Grans

Race 6: Jaws N Paws and Line One

Race 7: Sun Burn and California Heat

Race 8: Relentless Heat and Bull Ring

There are your picks for Santa Anita! Happy Handicapping and don’t forget to get your Pick 6 wagers in for a chance at a six figure pay out.

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