How to use the Best tool in Horse Handicapping

In horse racing there are different methods and strategies that you can use to improve you profitability. The best one out there however when it comes to learning this awesome sport is watching live and on-line racing studying their mannerisms.
The Triple Crown races actually give you amazing educational opportunities for beginners and players who have reached a dead end in their game. All these prep races can be studied on-line in great detail in live streaming and replays allowing you to take notes first hand gaining valuable information.

Watching live racing and looking at the past performance stats will allow you to breath life into the program learning like never before. The biggest handicapping tool out their is watching past races in their real form and taking notes on how particular horses ran. Use this method for spotting hidden abilities or potential not visible in live performances.

A horse with tactical speed and the ability to adjust when it comes upon an obstacle is very apparent when watching the actual race. Seeing the heart of a horse and will to win is very difficult to pull out of a past performance but very evident when seeing it either live or in live streaming.

When watching horse racing remember these key points:

* Ask as many questions as possible about the race
* Keep notes about each horse for future reference to see if this is a possible key race. A key race is a race where several of the race horses go on to do very well in the next race.
* Compare the running styles of the horses in the field.
* Horses coming off a “troubled” trip will usually be over-bet.
* True track biases can be difficult to determine.

This site is flooded with some awesome information but make sure you don’t rule out the best tool in the world. Experience watching actual races.

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