How to use Horse Racing Running Styles

Knowing the running style of the horses is crucial to determining the outcome of the race.  Some horses like to take the lead all the way wire to wire, some like to stalk the leader and other horses like  to wait for that last minute kick. This article gives you the information you need about the 4 running styles.


In handicapping horse racing  your goal is to turn the information from your daily race program into a visualization of the horse race. With the running styles part of your betting arsenal you can began to picture how the race will play out. What horses will take the early lead? What horses will stay in the middle of the pack? Which ones are closers and will wait until the end to give it all they got? The program gives you enough information to figure out the speed of the race along with running styles and how it will play out from gate to finish line.

Of course you will not be right many times but this visualization puts you on the road to amazing horse racing betting skills.  Basically there our 4 running styles to look for.

E++ or Front Runner-> This is basically a horse that has early speed you can look in its past races and as soon as the gate opens it wants to be out in the lead. Most of the races that they win are wire to wire victories. By looking at the past performance you will note some wire to wire victories and see how they go for the lead right out of the gate.

E/P or early and closer-> This type of horse shows early speed so it liked to get out on front but it does not have to be in front. It also shows signs of some late closing speed. This is a horse that can be versatile from race to race depending on who its up against.

P++ or closer-> This horse does his best when he reserves his speed to the end then passes the horses in the stretch. You can spot this type of horse by looking at the previous races and see where it was back in the pack lengths from the leader and then it closes the gap in attempt to get first place.

S or Stalker-> This horse pretty much stays in the middle of the pack he can have some closing power but also likes to creep up on the leader and take a victory. It lacks the sudden charge to the front in the beginning of the race and does not have the sudden closing ability either. It will run a steady race and work its way up to the front taking the victory.

These are the four main running styles in horse racing. There is no style that is better than the other. Many amazing horses have had different styles and have dominated their share of horse races. Its important to note which style each horse is that you are handicapping.

Look at the past performances of each horse in the race and if the daily race form does not provide you with the running style use your own knowledge to figure it out.

As you do this with each horse you are looking for which horses will take the lead, who the stalkers are, who will stay in the pack and who the strong closers are. In some races there will be too many of one style in the race. This reveals a key opportunity to yourself as the odd man out might win at some great odds. For example many times in races where there are many Front Runners the pace will be fast and these horses burn themselves out setting a win for a closer.  Same thing for all closers allowing a few front runners to run away with the race.

Depending on horse’s running style (front-runner, from behind, etc.), its post position could help or hinder its chances. Analyze the horse’s past performances for clues: Does the horse have enough speed to overcome an outside post? Will he get stuck on the rail from #1 post? and so on…

Use horse racing running styles to your advantage and you will be cashing more tickets!!!

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