How to use age in Horse Racing betting

In Horse racing betting and trying to pick a winner~  Figuring out the stage of growth and how horses run at different ages is very important.In relation to the fitness of a horse age does play a huge factor in this. A horse is an animal and the trainers job is to get him physically fit and try to keep him there.

Here is a general breakdown to give you a great frame of reference with age.


Horses Start to race as Juveniles at the age of 2. This is the first year a horse can race. These are the youngest and the babies of the horse racing game. They are kept together and only race against other 2 year old. Two year old are not as fast as the older horses and usually do short sprints in their races.Keep in mind they are still developing and growing. They are much slimmer and weaker than the older horses.

They tend to run as fast as they can as long as the can which is important to know because speed handicapping is a key with these young 2 year old when horse race betting. They run hard and go all out because lack of maturing and seasoning to reserve any energy at all.

There is generally a low level of training at this age.

Speed is the trump card with 2 year old and Front Runners will discourage some of the others if they get a real fast break

Look at the top barns for the good front runners for an edge with these 2 year olds

Fast workouts and speed figures is what to look for and five furlongs or longer is preferred faster than 12 seconds per furlong shows some degree of developing stamina

Age 3

They are still considered young and are separated from the 4 and older most of the racing season

Handicapping three year olds is much different from horse race betting on two year olds. Three being the most difficult age group to handicap with their rapid development sometimes just between races

Keep in mind three year olds can get good or bad very quickly

Look for improving Speed Figures and getting faster when moving up in class means the horse is developing becoming better each race

Horses are good when they have a trainer and rider that has a 15% winning rate and anything higher is Great!!

A great horse racing bet is a 3 year old claiming horse that came from an Allowance race

Low level allowance races where older horses that lose often its betterto pick a lightly raced 3 year old

Age Four and Older

Five and six year olds will beat the new 4 year olds most of the time especially the first half of the year

Four year olds that have been lightly raced generally have the advantage vs the older horses. Low and mid level allowance races.

Claiming races 5 and 6 year old are far more stronger than four year olds the lower the level claiming the more likely a older horse will win.

In low level and mid level Allowance give the advantage to the polished 4 year olds.

open to 4 and up the lightly raced four year olds have the distinct advantage Restrictions in Starter Allowance maiden claiming never won 2 races the advantage always goes to the 4 year olds

In general 4 year olds have the advantage in Maiden Races

In four and older maiden races I find that the four year olds definitely win their share of races.

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