How to understand Speed Rating

This is common knowledge for most horse race bettors but new information for some. Its a fact that the horse with the highest beyer speed rating for that particular race is the won that wins. So the question to winning at horse racing would be how do you determine what horse will post the highest speed rating among the horses its up against. Of course this is easier said than done but I will attempt to walk you through what to look for to give you insight on the horse that is ready to win the race.

For some common knowledge on speed rating refer to the importance of speed rating on this site which will give you some general background with a little repeated horse racing tips that I will share here. When looking at a race program for the first time its important to look at the par at the top of the program. It has a speed rating posted for everyone to see and I take note of what that figure is. Then you want to go through each horse and eliminate the ones that are not capable of producing that figure. Of course this is not easy and you will always have races that surprise you.

This figure automatically does eliminate some who have never ran and does not look like they have a prayer. Sometimes you need to throw out the races that have many inexperienced horses.

Now when I say this I am assuming you know to look at the previous speed ratings but basically that is all we have to go off of. Some general tips are if a horse is stepping up in class he might have a slower than usual speed rating and if he is going down he might have a faster one.

If the horse is running in a great form he might be closer to his higher speed ratings in the past. Another key horse racing factor is what is the distance he is racing today and what is his best speed at this distance?

I cover this a little in the importance of speed in this site but the bounce is so crucial on finding out who will run the fastest speed in this race. They have a 3 and out rule which some horses run with some consistency~ basically what this is a horse has a 56 63 66 in that order usually on the 4th it will a high percentage of the time in horse racing drop down to a lower speed rating. This can be very helpful when separating the horses to bet.

When you are horse betting claiming races are a good factor to look for is when a horse runs an unusually high speed rating that is out of character it will usually bounce down to a much lower one and this is extremely prevalent in if dueling prior races where it battled for the lead all the way through. Another good pattern is a bad race good race horse this is when looking at the speed rating for a horse when handicapping a program it has a good speed rating and the very next race it drops down. You see this repeated a few times and you can predict what the next race will be.

So go through the program making your assessment writing the number on each horse on what you feel the speed rating will be for that particular horse for todays race. This will give you an amazing advantage that will put you in the winners circle more!!!

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