How to handicap Older Maiden Races

Here are some horse racing tips for finding a good horse to wager on in Maiden races with older horses mostly 4 and older.

It is a calculated fact horses that had a 2nd place finish last time out have a nice advantage in route races. The horse will put a good showing and win his next race. Here are some good tips of what else to look for.

If the horse has put a few 2nd finishes and did not win the next race then its possible he will do the same again.

Older Maidens with no starts this year or first starters only win 3% unless they have some strict guidelines which I will cover here.

When looking at these older maiden races there are 3 types of horses that we are zeroing in on.

1.) horses that have recently matched or exceeded par. This the par speed rating for the race, look at the horses that are capable of pulling off this speed rating and have done so in the past.

2.) First starters, that satisfy minimally acceptable standards such as: The sires have won at least 11% of their first starters. The trainers have won 11% of their first starters. Two or more of the workouts were considered sharp. When we say sharp we are looking at 4 furlongs or longer. For example faster than 48 seconds at 4 furlongs, faster than 1:00 at five furlongs, faster than 1:13 at six furlongs and faster than 1:27 at seven furlongs are all considered sharp.  Look for first starters that have all these characteristics to be in the running to win the race.

3.) Second starters-> these are some of the best horse racing bets for older maidens that we are recently uncovering. Using beyer speed formula a second starter can be projected to improve 8 to 13 points the second time out. Compare this with the horse that is set to run the top speed rating and might nail the winner. If they have a dull line and the surround evidence is good with a shaky field and good odds~ go for it. The second starters improve dramatically because they might possess more talent than they showed on their debut.

Maiden Claiming races can be very hard to handicap. Remember the older maidens who first start this year only win 3% of the time so throw them out quick if they don’t fall within the first starters guidelines and see what you have left.

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