How to bet the layoff in horse racing

There are some astute trainers in the horse racing industry who have some strategies of their own. If you can pick up a few of them and use them at the right time the payoff can be quite nice.

This is called the Layoff angle and is used on horses that have not raced within the time period of 31 to 120 days. Its a great horse racing betting method and if you catch it right will pay nicely as the general audience throws these horses who have not raced in awhile out. Some trainers will maneuver the horse between classes to pick up some sure wins and you can capitalize by looking for it~ Follow these step by step instructions

> Last race prior to layoff, trainers will slightly lower a horse in class, then bring him back up in class at higher odds.

1.) Must be 31 to 120 day layoff

2.) Slightly dropped in class last race prior to layoff

3.) Moving up in class today slightly

4.) Current odds at 9 to 1 or higher

5.) Watch the last 5 minutes at least 2 sequential clicks lower. So if it were 9 to 1 in the last 5 minutes you see it drop to at least 7 to 1… this is a key indicator of insiders waiting as close to post time as possible and sends an alert off that the horse is pulling the layoff angle.

There are some common practices in horse racing and some maneuvering between classes the horse may not seem in good form but actually the trainer knows its going to pick up a win at a nice price. I usually keep this in the back of my head when I see a horse the fits this description and keep an eye on the last 5 minutes and put a good win wager on it. Have fun with this and Horse racing is all about adaptability and timing.

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