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Welcome to the exciting world of horse racing and the Sport of Kings! Whether you are new to the sport of horse racing betting or a professional handicapper this site has been designed to help people at all levels. In this article we will give you a brief overview of horse racing along with how to bet on horse racing. This will arm you with the information you need to cash in more tickets tickets!

Horse Racing is one of the longest standing sports and became a professional sport in England in the 1700’s. It spread to the United States and the main race that continued to raise in popularity is the Kentucky Derby which was run in 1875.

The Triple Crown is one of the most exciting times during the year in the United States horse racing schedule with the Kentucky Derby being the most popular. The Triple Crown consist of 3 races roughly two weeks apart beginning with the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and finishing with the Belmont each race longer than the last. Its very tough on these horse that are the best in the United States and for a horse to win all three is an incredible achievement which only 11 have managed it. The last was Affirmed in 1978!

There are a variety of bets that you can place in horse racing and we will cover them briefly here.

When placing a horse racing bet you want to read in this order when placing your bet to make things go smooth.
1.) The name of the track your betting on
2.) The $ amount that you are betting
3.) The type of bet along with the horses in order from small to largest numbers.

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This allow you to look like a professional and for your bet to placed correctly and efficiently.

Types of Bets:

Pay-offs for $2 win bets:

1-5 $2.40        8-5 $5.20        6-1 $14.00
2-5 $2.80        9-5 $5.60        7-1 $16.00
1-2 $3.00        2-1 $6.00        8-1 $18.00
3-5 $3.20        5-2 $7.00        9-1 $20.00
4-5 $3.60        3-1 $8.00        10-1 $22.00
1-1 $4.00         7-2 $9.00       15-1 $32.00
6-5 $4.40        4-1 $10.00      20-1 $42.00
7-5 $4.80        9-2 $11.00      30-1 $62.00
3-2 $5.00        5-1 $12.00      50-1 $102.00

A win bet: when you put your money on a horse to win and the horse must finish first to collect. You will get paid according to what the odds are.

A Place Bet: This is a bet where the horse can finish either first or second and you will get roughly half of what the odds payout at.

A Show bet: The horse can finish in the top 3 to collect and you get a 1/3rd of what the win bet would be.

Exacta: The exacta bet is you are picking the top 2 horses that will finish first and second. If you just pick two horses then you bet will be straight for example: a $2 bet exacta with two horses will be $2 as you pay per combination. If you box them then they can finish in either order. If you add more than 2 horses 2 of them must finish first and second for your ticket to pay and the cost is per combination.

Trifecta: Same concept as the exacta except you are only cashing if 3 horses come in. So if you do a trifecta with 3 horses all of them must come in first, second and third.

Pick 3: This is a simple bet that can pay big where you pick the winner of three horses in a row. Its a straight bet as there is only one combination.

Pick 4 and Pick 6: Same concept as pick 3 just picking more races and all horses must win in consecutive races. Occasionally if nobody cashes a ticket they will pay 3 out of 4, or 5 out of 6. The pick 6 can be cashed for thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars and is one of the most sought after horse racing bets.

Superfecta: This is picking the top 4 horses and the horses have to finish all in the top 4.

There are other bets out there but these are the basic ones that you will see at the track on a given day and the easiest to play.

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Horse Racing Systems are out there by the hundreds and some are pretty fun. Its nice to have something that you can use quickly to determine the possible winners. These do not take place of good handicapping but are exciting to use and can be profitable. Here is a list of some fun systems to use:

System 1.) I’m a sucker for trying out “paper and pencil” methods. I like to read them. I like to try them out on paper or with “fun” money if you are just out for a non-serious night of racing. Here is one that would be interesting to test. It has stretches where it has hit some nice exactas.

Rank the horses by last race Beyer figure 1-8.

Between rank 1 and 2….make the highest m/l horse your “A”

Between ranks 3,4, and 5….second highest m/l is your “B”, high m/l is your “C”

Between ranks 6,7,8…..low m/l is your “D”

If two horses have the same m/l odds, use jockey win% as tiebreaker.

Toss any horse off of a year layoff and do not use a horse with a trainer or jockey that has a 4% or lower record (at least 15 races)….

3 month or longer layoff….move horse down in ranking….example “A” horse has a 3 month layoff….B,C, and D do not….move “A” horse down to the “D” spot.

Play exacta: AB w ABCD

System 2.) I’ve cashed on the following angle out of pure boredom and needing an action play:

Any horse with 3 wins showing in his pp’s (max 10 races) and odds at 9-1 or more is a play. Avoid long layoffs, ofcourse.

System 3.) When i first started i was always tinkering with systems…and loved to focus on the odds. Two systems i messed around with went like this :

A: Horse must be going up in class, but todays odds are half of what they were in the lower class race.

B: Horse cut in odds last out but lost…ie 2 races back he was 12-1 , last out he was 4-1. today he is the play if he has a good jockey

System 4.) Horse must be 10/1 or higher on the morning line.

Add best two of last three speed figures….Horse must rank in top half of field.

Jockey win % must be in top half of field

Trainer win % must be in top half of field

System 5.) Jockey 20% + wins for current meet (at least 20 races)

go through the races and find his best (in your opinion) mount of the day…..Bet to win.

System 6.) Rank by Last Race Beyer figure 1 through 8

Rank 1,2…..take best jockey
Rank 3,4,5….take two best jockeys
Rank 6,7,8….take best jockey

It gives you four horses….rank in the order selected above.

If any horse is off a layoff (any layoff, not just 3 months+)….drop him down in the rankings. If two or more are off a layoff….rank them by who has the shortest layoff.

If jockeys win % are within 3 points of each other….keep best Beyer horse in…..completely eliminate any year+ layoff horse…..completely eliminate any trainer below 5% wins in at least 15 races.

3 Month layoff….if you have a choice between two jockeys and one horse is off a 3 month or longer layoff….keep Best Beyer horse in unless jockey win % is below 5%

System 7.) When I first started playing I had one easy method requiring just the entry sheet and the yearly trainer and jocky stats.

1. take the top ten jockeys and ten trainers
2. Number them 1 through 10
3. take out the entry sheet
4. go through and attach the number to the corresponding jock/trainer

Now i decided that if a jockey was in the top 3 and the horses trainer was also in the top 3 then that would be a key horse and put it over two or three horses that had a top jock/trainer depending on the rank.
#1 jock / #3 trainer Over
#3 jock / non top trainer, #4 jock / #4 trainer, nontop jock / #1 trainer

or i would just take the top three and box them

System 8.) Simply bet the race # to place- #1 in race #1, #2 in race #2 ETC>-would have cashed 6 times at TAM on Friday!

System 9.) Your pick # plus the horse that makes the total equal 13 and box in the Exacta

Your Pick #3 Other Horse 10
Your Pick #4 Other Horse 9
Your Pick #5 Other Horse 8

System 10.) I like paper and pencil systems also. Here’s a quickie:

(Each horse must have 3 starts.)
Figure each horse’s best Speed figure for the last 2 races.
Eliminate the bottom half.
Next eliminate any horse with 15/1 or higher odds in the morning line.
Then sort the remaining horses by trainer’s win percent.
The top trainer in the remaining group is your top pick, followed by the second etc.

System 11.) bet either the winning jockey of last race and if he is top 3 jock bet him all the way thru the card…..or use the last race pp winner and betit in the next race.

System 12.) I love this forum.. I will try some of the methods in this thread for sure. Here is something I came up with and actually carry in my wallet whenever I need to handicap a unfamiliar race I break it out and spin through this.

a.) Make arrows for drops in class and 2 for big drops
b.) Check for 1st time blinkers or 1st time lasix (highlight or put star by)
c.) Check for favorite but did not win last time out
d.) Look for Bullets and 5 furlong workout
e.) Look if a horse had an excuse last raced liked blocked in or stumbled start.. (scratch this race out so its not a factor in your handicapping for this race)
f.) Look @ prior odds see if its been good odds @ this class or higher before.
g.) Top Jockey make a notation
h.) Look at speed ratings and make notes of the highest ones and also single out horses that are consistently higher than its competition for this race.
i.) look for distance its used to

On each of these points I look at my form and make notes on each point. By the time I am through with 9 I will see some horses that really light up and markings show its the one to beat!!

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Happy Handicapping

How to bet on Horse racing

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