How to Bet Longshots in Horse Racing

When placing bets in horse racing handicappers love to go after the elusive long-shot. This is the horse that may not be glaring obvious flying under the radar in regards to his capability and odds. Here are some tips in no particular order in nailing that big odd long-shot and putting money in your pocket.

Its good to bet big fields to hit a long-shot. In the smaller fields the odds are close together and does not provide as good of a chance of the favorite getting boxed in. With the bigger fields you have more unpredictability and more long-shot tickets
If you do see a small field and it has the odds fairly close but one horse that has bad odds. It is smart to place a bet on this long shot. With a small field this horse is throwing down and has nothing to lose and on many occasions will finish 1st or second. You don’t see a loner long-shot often on the smaller fields so in general you want at least 9 or more horses.

If a trainer has 2 horses in a race a lot of time the horse with the better odds will set the other one up for a victory. If you spot where a trainer has 2 horses pick the one with the highest odds and make a decent bet on him.

If you are handicapping a race and you spot a lone speed horse or a lone closer this is time for action. Many of those horses have decent odds and prevail as the horses burn each other out chasing each other or go wire to wire with a bunch of closers in the race.

It is always wise to look at the last races the horse ran and see the odds. If the horse is not completely out of its class and went off at 3 to one last race but putting up 13 to one this one versus a similar field. Load up on this horse and you will be rewarded handsomely if he comes in flying under the radar with a victory.

A good tip to look at as well is weight. I don’t look much at the weight of a jockey but if it has a jockey 5 pounds lighter that can be a difference as much as a second in horse racing. Spot these plays and make sure you use that in your horse racing handicapping.

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