Horse Racing

The sport of Kings called Horse Racing has been around for centuries and is one of the oldest sports around today. Is is said to have started back in 4500 BC in Central Asia and there was a time when English Knights bred English Mares and Arab Stallions to get a horse that has speed and endurance. Some of the oldest tracks are Doncaster, South Yorkshire which dates back to the early 1600’s. In the United States they constructed their first horse racing track in Long Island in the year of 1665.

Betting on Horse Racing

The betting on horse racing is what keeps the sport and drives its growth. The top betting countries in the sport are as follows 1.) Japan 2.) United States 3.) China 4.) United Kingdom and 5.) Australia. The most important people in horse racing that allow everything to work is the owner who is the one who owns the horse of course. The trainer who has the job of making sure the horse has a proper diet and then is trained properly to run the race in the best condition possible. The Jockey is the one who has to have the skill set and expertise to ride the horse to success. None of the this is easy and each position on the team requires a different skill set. In the United States there are currently there are roughly 59 tracks that are operating in the US that these horses ride at.

horse racing picks

horse racing picks


Horse Racing Age

Horses will begin running around the age of 2 and will be in their prime until 7 or 8. There are many horses that will run later in their years and still make money up to the age 14 or so. There are many different types of races that these horses can race in. They usually begin running cheap races then climb the latter based on how good they are. Claiming races are the cheapest race along with Maiden/Maiden Claiming. Then it goes to Allowance races to the Stakes and big money meets. When watching these races you can place bets on which horse will win along with different combinations for a bigger payout. The easiest is Win, Place, Show bets where if you bet the horse to win then he must win. If you bet him to Place he can come in first or second. If you bet to show he can come in first, second or third and the payouts are adjusted accordingly.

Triple of Crown of Horse Racing

The Triple Crown in the United States is something that is followed by anyone who enjoys the sport. It starts with the Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in May and only 3 year olds at the top of their game get to compete to earn a spot. These horses are some of the best in the world and 20 spots make this an amazing race to watch. If a horse wins this race then two weeks later he/she goes on the Preakness which is a little longer race. Then the final race and leg of the triple crown is Belmont which is the longer of the 3. There are only a handful of ones to win the first two and winning all three which would be the triple crown is very rare indeed. The last time was in 1978 with Affirmed and we currently have the horse I’ll Have Another going for it this year.

horse racing

the oldest sport in history is thoroughbred horse racing.

Breeders Cup of horse racing

The Breeders Cup Classic is the biggest payout race of the year with about a 10 million dollar purse. This is more than the whole triple crown combined. This race happens in November and their are no age requirements like the derby. This is a brief run down of horse racing and feel free to check out the many articles that go deeper on each topic.

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