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Back in the days when people had no choice but to go down to the track to wager on horses, race-book selection was not exactly a problem. These days though, when online wagering is often much more attractive and lucrative than live betting, people can choose between several online bookmakers who feature horse racing among the sports on which they take wagers.

Why should you take your horse racing wagers online? The reason’s simple: you need to beat the house’s cut of the action poker rake and for that, you need to find special edges. Handicapping and a good wagering strategy represent a nice starting point, but you may need a lot more than that to get yourself onto the winning end of the deal at the end of the day.

Sign-up bonuses offered by the various racebooks represent an excellent way to offset the bookie’s vig. Basically, when you sign up to an online racebook and you make your first deposit/wager, you get the money you deposit/spend, matched by a given %. With that in mind, your racebook selection should obviously focus on thisaspect of the matter: the sign-up bonus. Some racebooks offer better sign-up bonuses than others, but the 10-20% range seems to be the industry standard. You shouldn’t expect bonuses as generous as those offered by the various online poker sites and casinos, due to the nature of the business, horse racebooks can’t treat you in such a lavish manner.

Of course, before you ever start investigating the sign-up bonuses offered, you want to write up a list of trustworthy and honest racebooks: the last thing you want is to fall victim to some scammer, blinded by the unbelievably generous deal he cuts you.

Once you get the bonus issue out of the way, it’s time to delve deeper into what the racebook can offer you. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about online poker  online poker rakeback, also known as rake rebate, and if you haven’t, it’s basically a rebate (money that you get back) on the poker rake that you pay. The good news is, the same thing exists in online race betting too. It is called either “rebate” or cash back. Needless to say, such rebate setups carry excellent value and you want yourself a racebook that’s extremely generous in this respect. Rebate percentages span the 3-8% range, and they are bound by various conditions. What you should be looking for is a rebate percentage of about 7-8%, which applies for winning as well as for losing wagers. Be mindful of the fact that advertised percentages are often highly dependent on your betting volume. Therefore, if a racebook says it offers up to 8% rebate, that may not necessarily apply to dime a dozen beginners.

Sign-up bonuses are tied by similar conditions. A rollover of about 4X is reasonable on your bonus, but be aware of the fact that you need to be an excellent bankroll manager and sharp bettor if you ever intend to cash out your bonus.
What else should you keep an eye on when choosing a racebook? The selection of wagering opportunities obviously, the level of support (the skills and the willingness to help of the support personnel), and the deposit and withdrawal options offered. Some racebooks may reward certain deposit options with additional bonuses, so make sure you check that out and use the most convenient as well as the most rewarding method.

That site that you pick as your online racebook should also feature a comprehensive news/tips section, which you can use to handicap your races and to sharpen your betting skills.

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