Horse Racing: A Popular Event

Horse racing is a very popular sport that has been a part of human civilisation since generations. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Roman are known to have organized chariot races in their times for public entertainment. Ancient Romans are even known to have adopted the culture of placing their bets on the outcome; a culture which they later took to other European lands they conquered much later.

People in Sweden, though were never rule by Romans but carry a special likeliness for horses and horse racing. The main reason behind this could possibly be the fact that one in every three Swedes rely on horses to run their livelihood.

Horse racing is considered to be one of the most celebrated sporting events that is organised all over this Scandinavian nation and attracts a significant number of spectators and those who place wagers on their chosen horses. Casinos, including both land-based and online facilitate their players to sports bet on such events and win an amazing jackpot. It is because of this ever growing popularity the sinking horse population that was doomed to 60,000 in figures in the year 1960 sprung to 225,000 within a decade.

Sweden has in total 37 racing tracks out of which 32 serve as trotting tracks, four as thoroughbred tracks and the last one serves as both. Racetracks vary as per composition of surfaces, as some are composed of sand and gravel while others are grass covered.

Just like race tracks, horse races are always subject to changes, with organiser who keep on adding new challenges for horses to compete against. This method not only intensifies the competition but also creates suspense for the spectators who eagerly wait to know the result.

There are a few horse races in recent history whose popularity is still seen as an idol in the horse racing history. Secretariat is one of the brightest examples among those horses. This amazing Thoroughbred stallion is recorded to have won 16 out of all 21 races and secured a grant total of $1,316,808 in its entire racing career.

Seabiscuit was a small sized Thoroughbred racehorse, which despite of his short stature was able to earn an equal fame and later became a legend inspiring an academy award winning Hollywood movie.

As we can see horses are the sole reasons behind this means of entertainment, which is why they are given special care and a proper treatment. The age limit for any male horses or geldings is 12 years while mares retire at age of 10. Organisers also keep a close watch to observe if the animal isn’t abused for personal gain.



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