Top 5 Horse Racing Events

All the events of horse racing are very important to all the people that can appreciate this kind of sport. Most of the top trainers and owners never miss the events because that’s the only time that they can have the opportunity to participate in the race and aim to win some money but most importantly the recognition of the horse racing world. In every significant event, it’s always expected that a lot of people will come and visit from all over the world just to see the exciting and thrilling racing competition. Here are some major events that horse racing fans will not miss.

One of the most awaited races in the major event of horse racing is the Thoroughbred races that are open for 3 years old and above only. Thoroughbred race in major events are known as the best class of horse racing all over the world. Their races are even responsible to make sure that in every event, they must always reach the highest standard in horse racing discipline. American Thoroughbred racing is the most visited race of the thousands of spectators and the 5 Major events that they are joining are located at US, UK, Dubai and Australia.

The 5 Major Events that always attracts numerous of horse racing fans and thousands of horse racing spectators are Breeders Cup, Dubai World Cup, Kentucky Derby, Melbourne Cup and Don Caster St. Legend.

1. Breeder’s Cup
Breeder’s Cup before are only open to all North American Thoroughbreds. But today, they are now accepting and hosting high class Thoroughbred all over the world. This event is mostly organized every November and located in one of the racecourses in US, but more often in Churchill Downs or Hollywood Park.

2. Dubai World Cup
Yearly, every 4th week of March, Dubai World Cup are held with a group 1 – group 3 Thoroughbred meeting. The main purpose of the person who established Dubai World Cup, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is to make a remarkable and unforgettable event all over the horse racing world.

3. Kentucky Derby
This event is the most popular and the most visited among other Major events. This meeting is located in Churchill Downs, Kentucky, USA. This event is also known as the most thrilling event, and created a name as The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.

4. Melbourne Cup
Located in Flemington racecourses, Melbourne, Australia, this event is usually run every year, on the first Tuesday of November. This meeting is only open for all Thoroughbred 3 years old and above. It is a handicap race and known as one of the richest turf races all over the world.

5. Doncaster St. Leger
It is the horse racing that most celebrated in UK. Yearly, every early September, this one of the Great Britain’s horse racing event is held and it’s open only for 3 years old colts and fillies.

It is true that in every Major event, a lot of people, fans and even media are excited to all scheduled events. They even made it as their headlines in news. So if you are just near to the event location, you should not miss those exciting race!

The Kentucky Derby 2012 is right around the corner. Get ready for a very exciting in horse racing!

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