Horse Race – Sheer Depth And Variety

The sport of kings, as horse racing is usually referred to, is arguably high on the list of oldest and most universally enjoyed variant of spectator sports. A major factor that contributes to its continued popularity is the healthy wagering aspect of the sport—one which most other sports unfortunately does not share. The race itself is laced with enough complexities that make it rival any other thinking man’s recreational activity—and the sheer depth as well as variety of horse race being featured are rivaled only by the fervor being shared when it comes to the wagering side tied to the races.


If you’re interested in knowing more about horse races and curious as to how you’ll fare when making your first wager—it certainly helps to know of the various similarities and distinctions the four major kinds of horse races share. Although you’re not forced to exclusively dedicate your time on thoroughbred racing, quarter-horse racing, steeplechase or harness racing—investing a significant amount of time on a single option prior to dipping your toes into another variant is probably best in order to avoid utter confusion if you’re seriously considering being a patron of the sport yourself.


Thoroughbred horse races get its name from the types of horses being used. The length of the courses varies according to the custom of the country in which it is run in addition to various other specifications the race adheres to. On the other hand, quarter-horse racing provides more focus on jockeys being able to steer their steed into the finish line through sheer speed across short distances—although it is greatly influenced by the commonly applied rules native to thoroughbred racing as well. Harness racing doesn’t require a great deal of explanation, other than the fact that drivers are seated in sulkies resembling light, two wheeled vehicles racing across an oval track—two kinds of horses are allowed to be used, largely separated by their gait. Finally, steeplechase enthusiasts are thrilled by horses overcoming obstacles in order to head straight into the finish line while leaving competitors biting the dust.


Of course, all of the various horse races categorically mentioned above are supported by a robust and thriving betting community. For novices at the activity, betting ought to be done at the tracks—while more experienced veterans can readily accomplish the same deed online. Moreover, most bets are separated into clearly defined categories—whether you prefer pari-mutuel betting or more interested in bookmaking is entirely up to you. You’ll receive tickets as soon as you wager on a particular horse, and receive payoffs in return if you happen to make a wise bet. More information on betting strategies and turning the odds in your favor can be accessed online or through dedicated magazines and periodicals once you’ve taken a liking to the activity at hand.

Anne Barrios is a freelance writer for Champion Picks which provides professional racing tips for horse race.


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