The Art of Horse Racing Handicapping

When horse handicapping there are many horse racing systems and strategies that you can put in place. Your goal is to look at the horse racing program and get a visual of the race actually taking place. When you do this effectively the winner of the race will emerge from the program and you can make a bet that will justify the odds. Here are a few more tips that will help you out with that process.

Horse Handicapping~ Winning Pattern

Does the horse exhibit a winning pattern that suggests it needs a long rest in between races? Some animals seem to develop patters on the racetrack.  One day they are easily beating good quality opponents and then the next outing being beat by a mediocre field. However, sometimes if you look closely at the form of such horses you will sometimes find that every time they are rested for six weeks or more they perform well. The important thing to think about is look for patterns that the horse is falling into. This can either be speed ratings, type of track they are running, how they perform coming off layoffs etc.

Horse Handicapping~ Prefer Right or Left handed?

Some horses will have a preference for the way that a jockey rides them. How the horse reacts to the whip can be the difference between winning and losing a race. It is up to the Jockey to know the horse that he is riding and then have a strategy for how he is going to ride that particular horse. Some horses need a lot of guiding and expect it but others are very competent and will run their own race thriving on the competition.

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Horse Handicapping~ has the horse lost interest?

Some older animals may appear to be very fit and ready to run but don’t show up when the race takes place. Their are a few reasons that they do this and when you are horse handicapping you will see horses can lose interest when they are over-raced in too many races. In the same way that humans can lose interest in any task that they have to repeat numerous times. A mature horse may appreciate a break from the training and racing regime that it has followed for the last few years. If you spot a previously good horse that has been given such a break it could provide a decent betting opportunity.

Horse Handicapping~ Run better in smaller fields?

Some horses prefer to run in smaller fields with less horses as their competition. They don’t like to be bumped and want room to run the race without interference. This can be hard to spot when looking at your racing form but if you notice a trend where the horse wins in all fields that are smaller and today’s race has a bunch of horses running in it. Then you might want to steer away from this horse and bet on other horses that look better.

Horse Handicapping~ Does the horse have a strong preference of surface?

Some horses have a preference of what type of track they are running. You can look in their past performances and see if they have excelled on turf and/or if they love running on sloppy tracks. Knowing what surface a horse likes and what surface the horse does not like can be huge when trying to handicap horses.

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