Horse Handicapping Basics

In any sport and especially horse racing you can get overwhelmed with all the information out there and various horse betting strategies. Here are some simple horse handicapping basics. Its important that you have fun with horse racing and enter at a speed to where you are having a blast and putting a little money in your pocket as you are learning.

You might get lucky and hit a good race early on but if you want to win consistently will require some discipline and striking in on the right opportunities where you will find on other articles in this site. First things first:

Basics to horse race wagering-> Win bet, Place bet and the Show bet. So when you start out these are really the only bets that you need to know. We will venture into some exotic bets later on in different articles after you get a feel for things. (To be honest the big dogs win with nice well placed win bets)

So when you are betting lets say $2 if you say “I would like $2 to win on the 6 horse” That 6 horse must win and you get nothing outside of a 1st place finish. Good news it will pay you well if he does.

Therefore if you say to place it can finish 1st and 2nd you win. (odds and payout will adjust accordingly) If you say to show it just has to finish in the top 3 but  its always fun to cash one ticket oppose to none so take a few show bets in the beginning.

When at the window to place your bet you want to say the dollar amount, type of bet then the track and horse # all in that order. They place it in the machine that way and keeps things going smoothly as you comeacross as a professional. Key point: Always make sure you check your bet to make sure its been placed how you want it. They can change it before the race starts. Don’t be a “ooohhh if I would of only then I could have had but I don’t ugh!”

What to expect? Expect to have a good time and not win a bunch of money at first. View it as learning and really enjoy yourself. Basically you are betting against people not horses. The odds are a crazy thing and there can be a solid horse that the public does not like but you do. Many scenarios just keep it basic at first and cash a ticket or 3.

Have fun with these horse handicapping basics. With some knowledge on simple win, place, show bets and how to read a program  found on the main page you will be comfortable at the track. Take some of the free tips and get the Top 50 horse racing tips before you leave you can thank me later.

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