Golden Tips for Betting Harness Racing

There is really little difference between playing the harness races or the flat races. In both cases the star performer is the horse. If you get together a bunch of harness races you will notice that the temperaments and racing is the same. A horse will fall back and come on again and patterns in the way a particular horse races can be picked up on. In this article we will give you some tips on how to win at harness racing.

Hot Tips in Harness Racing

I don’t normally agree with hot tips that someone has on who is going to win the race but I do want to note here that in harness racing they have a little more value. A workout for a thoroughbred means nothing except to indicate its fitness but it is different with the harness racing breed of horses. They will generally run more true to a fast workout that they had recently. There are usually less horses that are stabled at a harness track so the opportunity for observing each other’s horses is much greater at harness tracks. With being able to watch them more closely in the stable a tip from a good horseman can have some good value to it.

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Trotters and Pacers in Harness Racing

It is important to study the trotters and pacers in harness racing. Some of them will race with their legs straight out and some will have a very slight bending of the knee. The trotter does not bend his knee as much as the usual trotter gains from doing this is three to six inches every stride. When you figure how many strides are taken running a mile you will appreciate how big of a difference this makes. Keep studying this difference and action until it becomes obvious to you. I only bet the trotters and if you can spot one the races like that against a field that does not you will win more times than losing. This is one of the biggest tips on how to win at harness racing.

Harness racing rules require that each type of horse conform to its established type of racing. Once a pacer or trotter breaks its gait and starts to gallop it must immediately be pulled up before it gains any headway. If it fails to do so it will be disqualified for the safety of the horse.

Favored in Previous Harness Races

Here is another little tip that has occasionally been profitable for harness racing. After I have determined upon a selection to win, I look over the past odds of the horse. If it has been a favorite or has been running at very short prices it is a sign that the horse was favored in those races and there was good reason for it. I will use that sometimes as a weapon in my back pocket to cash some tickets. There you have it and I hope this article helps you gain that edge on harness racing.

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