How to Handicap A Horse Race- Quickly

Hey everyone this is Joe Kaufman with and thank you for visiting our website for your latest and greatest horse racing tips. I am going to cover a topic that is broad in nature but specific to what novice and even advanced handicappers look for when picking a winner. So this article is going to be about grabbing a program and handicapping a track a quickly then cashing in some tickets. When you use these strategies check outCheltenham bookmaker offers to make some educated wagers.

So in order of importance here are some topics below on what to look for in program to find that horse that will put on a great performance to win the race. The first thing that we like to look at is Class. So what horse is in the best class to win the race and make notes of it.

Something I do to get a quick view of this is go through the horses and do an up arrow and a down arrow to signal if the horse is movingĀ  up in class or down in class.

If it’s taking a major drop or moving up quite a bit I will use two arrows. Example: a $8,000 claiming horse moving to a $20,000 claiming race is taking a good jump or if it’s moving to an allowance. If it’s dropping from an Allowance to a claiming this would be a drop in class. Go through the track and put the arrows by each horse.

The second thing I like to look at is in the shorter races specifically is does the horse have speed. If there is speed in the horse the chances of him winning a claiming race goes up quite a bit. So go through each horse and after the first call if the race is less than a mile (this is what you are looking for) give it a point for each time that after first call for it being 1st or within 3 lengths of the leader. Along the same lines at the finish of the race if the horse finished in the top 3 in the last 3 races give a point for each top 3 finish.

Okay so now we have the program marked up a bit. Let’s look at any horse that has a bullet the last work out so in the workouts if there is any horse that has a bullet which is a colon mark by the workout in the last 2 months give it 2 points.

Statistics show that a horse that was favored to win the last race but did not will have a better chance of grabbing a victory the next time out. So go to the last race of each horse and if there is an asterick next to the odds that means it was favorite to win the race. If it did not win that race give the horse 2 points.

Last but not least a good jockey is important to winning the race. Some really know how to handle a horse, read the track etc and some not so much. Go through the race and the jockey that has the most wins or win ratio give that horse points.

Now you have some good data to go off of you can either place a good win bet or if there are a few horses that stand out you can go after a niceĀ  exacta. This is a good simple format to getting some good cashed tickets under your belt. Feel free to add your flavor to it and make it your own. Happy Handicapping!


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