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Searching for “free UK horse racing tips” online produces over 15 million results. It`s clear that on the internet, sites offering free tips abound. However, there is a marked difference between free tips and free profitable tips. Finding any old source of free racing tips and backing such selections blindly is certainly not the way to proceed. Potential horse-racing bettors need to track down reliable tips. Many sites perform poorly in terms of finding winners. Any trustworthy horse-racing tipster will supply a reasoned argument for backing a specific horse in a particular race. Logic is important factor in placing any sort of bet.

Following the free recommendations of others can be a good idea, within certain parameters. Should anyone be offering free betting advice, there is a reasonable chance that they have an in-depth knowledge of the sport. However, it is also possible that such tipsters have little idea about the subject area upon which they are attempting to advise.

Determining the merit of the tips provided by any free horse-racing tipping service can be a costly business if gone about in the wrong way. Many backers assume that anyone providing tips is privy to `inside information` from trainers, jockeys or owners. This is definitely not the case and a cautious approach is advised.

Since the quality of the information from tipping sites varies so widely, it`s a good idea to `paper trade` the suggested tips first to determine their profitability (or otherwise) before parting with your hard-earned cash. Profits should be determined from `level stakes` bets on each selection, meaning that a theoretical £1 win bet is placed on each selection and returns calculated accordingly. Many racing tipsters boast of phenomenally high `strike rates` but this is generally as a result of continually advising short-priced (often odds-on) favourites. It is well worth remembering that if every tip is an even-money chance, a 50% strike rate is required just to break even.

When considering a day`s prospects, it is wise to investigate the free tips from a variety of sources. In addition, the internet offers a wide range of horse-racing forums. Joining one or more of these can be useful, since they provide the opportunity to exchange opinions with other horse-racing bettors, some of whom have a wealth of experience in the sport.

Along with finding a reliable source of free tips, every bettor needs to learn the art of disciplined betting. To this end, a `betting bank` containing funds set aside just for horse-race betting is an excellent idea. This approach protects money reserved for everyday expenses, while helping you to get used to working with restricted capital. The disciplined approach can also be aided by recording all bets, so the types of race and bet that are most successful can be easily identified.

When the horses have been taken back to their boxes after a race using lead ropes or reins, you can assess the free horse racing tips you`ve taken advantage of to see how well you`ve done. You`ll find that a sensible, disciplined approach to betting should ensure long-term profits.

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