Free Horse Racing Tips

1. Get to the track early to observe and identify what type of horses tend to perform better on a given day, depending on the weather and track conditions. Look for horses that seem calm and collected, as well as fit and healthy.

2. Learn about how different types of surface affect the way horses run on them, such as whether it’s dirt or turf. Certain types of surfaces can have an effect on the performance of a horse, so familiarize yourself with each track’s surface in advance.

3. Carefully study the form guides and pick out any patterns among past performances that you may notice. Take note of any trends or anomalies in a certain horse’s form and use this to your advantage when placing bets tomorrow.

4. Pay attention to jockey changes when analyzing form guides; sometimes a jockey change can be indicative of an improvement in performance—or an expected downturn—depending on who is taking over for the ride for the next race.

5. Make sure to check out how much money has been bet on each particular horse; if there is a lot more money going towards one horse than another then this could be an indication that it will perform well tomorrow, however never place your bets solely based off this information alone, always combine it with other forms of analysis before committing your money.

6. Analyze a horse’s recent results; look at its previous races and try to identify any improvements or regressions in its performance over time which could indicate whether it is likely to perform well tomorrow or not.

7. Try to ascertain which are the most competitive races by looking at past winners and seeing if there are any standout horses that have consistently won these races before; if so then there might be something special about these horses which could give you an edge when placing bets tomorrow at the racetrack!

8. Keep an eye out for any undervalued horses—ones that might not have been performing particularly well previously but could show potential for improvement tomorrow given the right conditions; these types of horses can often offer great value bets if you spot them in advance!

9. Do some research into trainers who have had success with certain kinds of horses before; if they’re running tomorrow then their experience might give them an edge over other trainers competing in your chosen race!

10. Listen carefully to what commentators are saying about each race; they may provide insight into how certain runners are likely perform or highlight potential dark-horses that you might want to consider betting on!

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