Free Handicapping Picks for 2020 Preakness 10/3/2020

Free Handicapping Picks for 2020 Preakness 10/3/2020

Good Afternoon everyone and Happy Preakness Day! This has been a crazy year for sure but even though it was done in a very

weird style we are getting all 3 legs of the Triple Crown in.  Here is a video below of my look at the Preakness and who I feel will

be some good  contenders in the Top 3. There is going to be a very fast pace with the number of Front Runners so that sets up

for a good closer to have a big day. Chances are if the odds line up we might see a very good payout today so hope that stands to

be true. Here are the horses below and their post positions along with the current odds:

1.)  Excession 30-1

2.) Mr. Big News 12-1

3.) Art Collector 5/2

4.) Swiss Skydiver 6-1

5.) Thousand Words 6-1

6.) Jesus Team 30-1

7.) NY Traffic 15-1

8.) Max Player 15-1

9.) Authentic 9/5

10.) Pneumatic 20-1

11.) Liveyourbeastlife 30-1

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