Five Reasons to Choose a Custom Horse Trailer for Your Racehorse

Whether you’ve been racing your horse for a while or are just considering investing in a top quality thoroughbred, it’s important that your horse be transported in a trailer designed just for him.  When you’re shopping for horse trailers for sale, you’ve got a lot of options — but if you’re a serious racer there’s no choice better than a custom trailer.  Here are five reasons why you need to pass on an out of the box model and go right to designing the perfect trailer for your horse:

1. Customized stalls.  Even a well-groomed race horse may have trouble loading or unloading in the wrong trailer.  A custom horse trailer allows you to choose whether your horse is facing backward or forward during transport, as well as if he’ll be slant-loading or straight-loading.  If you give the trailer manufacturer your horse’s measurements, they’ll be able to craft a trailer that will give him plenty of headroom for those long trailer trips.

2. Entry and escape options.  Believe it or not, you can load and unload from pretty much anywhere in the trailer you’d prefer.  You can customize your trailer with a side-loading option or add an escape door so you can walk into the horse box with your horse and still safely let yourself out.  You can even add ramps where you need them in case of injury or if they’re your preference to step-ups.

3. Superior soundproofing.  Many off the rack trailers are built affordably so they will appeal to a wider buying audience.  Unfortunately, this means that manufacturers have to leave out lots of nice options in order to reduce each unit’s cost.  A custom trailer isn’t limited like this, you can opt for superior soundproofing in the form of extra insulation in the walls and ceiling, as well as upgraded seals on all the doors.  The quieter your horse box, the calmer your race horse will be on arrival.

4. Material upgrades.  Basic line-manufactured trailers are just that: basic.  They’ll get you from Point A to Point B, no problem, but if you need material upgrades you’ll have to do them yourself.  Instead of wasting your valuable time, you can choose what materials should go in your trailer every step of the way, from the frame to the ceiling.

5. Dressing rooms and living quarters.  There is no such thing as a one size fits all dressing room or living quarter package.  Depending on how long you’ll be away with your horse, your custom horse trailer may become your home away from home — so make sure it’s built with everything you need.  There are lots of cool options for your section of the trailer, including slide-outs and hidden storage compartments.

Of course you love your racehorse and want him to have everything he needs to succeed — that’s why you should seriously consider building a custom horse trailer for him.  Although they can seem pretty pricey when compared to stock built options, you’ll have the opportunity to get the exact trailer that will keep you and your horse competitive.


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