Fitness Tips for jockeys to help perform better

Jockeys are required to be lightweight, strong, fit and skilled, if they are to give their best when racing horses. This obviously calls for a disciplined way of life. Given below are some fitness tips that can help jockeys to perform better while keeping optimal health.

Diet for jockeys

Jockeys need carbohydrates, proteins, fats and minerals such as calcium, iron, and so on. Only by eating wholesome food can they remain riding fit!

High fiber, low glycemic index foods are recommended to them every day as they need to stay energized for long durations. Fruits, whole grain products like pasta, rice, pancakes, whole bread toast and similar natural, unprocessed items are things they are advised to eat. Protein rich foods like pulses, calcium rich dairy products and iron rich vegetables like spinach are things jockeys should ideally include in their daily meal plan. Jockeys should also remember not to drink tea or coffee at meal times to ensure maximum iron and calcium absorption.

Exercises for jockeys

Jockeys require high levels of cardiovascular fitness. So regular exercising is a must for them as a supplement to the horse riding training. Cycling, swimming, jogging, running and working out on gym equipment like stairs, rowing machines and so on are aerobic exercises that benefit jockeys. They can also ride mechanical horses to improve their endurance.

Jockeys need strength training as they have to control powerful and temperamental race horses. They can include exercises like bench press, bicep curls and tricep presses, push ups, squats and Pilates in their routine to strengthen their whole body and make it supple.

What jockeys can do before race events?

Jockeys should pay attention to what they eat and stick to their healthy diet plans. For extra nourishment, they can consider taking health bars and supplement liquids for a day or two ahead of the races or just a few hours before a race. Jockeys should ensure sufficient sleep and they should stay away from alcohol and other stimulants.

Hydration is vital at all times, especially during the horse race events. Only then can the heart rate of jockeys remain at optimal levels and their body temperatures stay constant. Moreover, they can concentrate well and react better if they are well hydrated.

Things to avoid

Jockeys have to “make weight” just before and after races in which they participate. Put in another way, they are weighed before and after races and only if they are within the stipulated limits, they are allowed to race or stay qualified.

This is the reason why many jockeys are known to starve or dehydrate themselves, especially during the period immediately preceding their competitions. But such actions are not advisable at all because they lead to low performance levels and much personal danger like health problems and worse, even death at times.

Similarly, while exercising or working out, jockeys should avoid continuous workouts and be careful not to over strain themselves. They should rest between exercises to allow their muscles to get back to normal state every now and then. The best jockeys can do for their fitness is to opt for diet and exercise plans tailored to their individual needs.

Author Bio: Marguerite being a fitness enthusiast loves to blog on fitness and topics related to fitness. You can check out her latest post on how to lose belly fat on her website. 

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