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A Cheap Claiming Betting Strategy That Will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Hello my fellow horse racing handicappers! I just wanted to post some success and I would love to have other people contribute to the site on any success that they have had in the past on this site as well since this is really meant to help each other out out with the topic of exactas.

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Here are some past results below and this method continues to produce good winning tickets by picking a speed horse that is under the radar.

With this method I hit a 30 to 1 shot to Place at Fairmount.

Hit a $146 Exacta with my son a $8 bet

This is one of the most popular bets as we all try to make a profit at the track. With exactas you can bet them all day long but what it really boils down to is trying to find the horse that is in the hiding. We can all pick the favorites out all day long but we know the odds that the horse will be playing and if we happen to hit an exacta the payouts will be oh so disappointing.

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I will go more in depth in a future article but the horses we are looking for are the sleepers and the ones that not everyone will be betting on. These are the horses that will pay the most and that will put a grin on our face when we hit the nice exacta. Let us face it! How many exactas have you hit to see the payout be $15 for a nicely picked exacta? Give me a break!

I came across this strategy some years back and recently have been taking my own advice with much success. I have been nailing it lately with this! Like, comment and share here we go..this is for cheap claiming races. (Like Fairmount Park which is my closest track)

In a Sprint Race so anything 7 Furlongs or Smaller We are looking for the fast out of the gate horse

1.) For any sprint in which a horse rant 1-2-3 at the first call gets 1 point in the last 3 races

2.) Any horse that ran within 2 lengths at the first call of the leader gets 1 point in the last 3 races

3.) In Routes races any route in which the horse ran 1-2-3 at the first call gets 1 point

4.) Any Route in which the horse ran within 3 lengths of the leader at first gets 1 point

5.) For any Sprint in which the horse ran within 6 lengths of the leader at firs call gets 1 point

Make additional notes for PEAK FORM:

Look at fast workouts preferable at 5 furlongs or more

Look at the race and the position of horse if he/she is gaining ground in the stretch even if it did not win the race take note.

Look for workouts that had a bullet but did not win

Lasix for the first time

So after this analysis the horse or horse(s) with the most points will be your bet for either an exacta, win or place bet. You will be surprised on how many times that this not the favorite in the race so will pay some decent money.

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Joe Kaufman

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