Betting on Lucky 15 Tips

The Lucky 15 bet explained

As we’re always approaching another major event on the horse racing calendar, placing a bet on the action is likely to be something that you’ll consider doing. Betting on horses to win or place is relatively straightforward, but there’s often a lot of misconceptions surrounding the Lucky 15 bet. You’ll find this type of market being used to utilise four horse racing tips that are likely to appear over a day’s racing action. After becoming accustomed to how the market works, it will be easier to understand why they’re so popular during key race meetings.

Choosing to bet on a Lucky 15

There’s a massively comparable difference between backing a horse racing four-fold and putting your four horse tips into a Lucky 15 bet. Rather than each selection combining together to make a small accumulator, a Lucky 15 enters the four horses into fifteen different bets including four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and a four-fold accumulator. This means that you’re betting on fifteen bets despite only basing it on one market, with each horse being crucial to your bet to a larger extent than you’ll find in a typical four-fold horse acca.

A primary perk to betting on Lucky 15 tips is that you could still receive some of your winnings even if some of your horses lose their respective races. This works by allowing you to get your returns based on each selection that wins, meaning that two horses winning would lead to you getting the returns for each single they were involved in, as well as the returns from the double of them both to win. While this is one of the main reasons why so many people will choose to get involved, you need to stake fifteen times the amount you’d place in order to back a Lucky 15 bet, so you make up for the security of your bet by providing a larger stake.

Finding value in your Lucky 15 bet

By opting to include your four horse racing tips into a Lucky 15 bet, you’re given the option to times your odds by fifteen, which can be especially beneficial if each horse has a large price to start with. Most experienced bettors will choose to create a Lucky 15 bet made up of four horses at a minimum of 4/1 odds, with it being possible to get a worthwhile selection of returns even if just two horses win.

It’s easier to do this during key racing events such as Cheltenham Festival, as backing anything other than the favourite is likely to come with a fair set of odds. If you’re feeling uncertain about this type of betting market, you could add even more security to it by making an each-way Lucky 15 bet. It will need thirty times your original stake rather than fifteen in order to cater to the place part of your bet, but it means that you’d be backing a Lucky 15 with each-way rules applied. 

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