How to bet in-running on horse racing

How to bet in-running on horse racing


Betting in-running offers a great chance to make money.


by  donnierayjones 


With so many races to bet on across the globe, there are endless opportunities for betting. There is also a seemingly endless supply of information to help you make informed betting choices.

The key is knowing how best to use that information if you want to make a profit.

Using an exchange betting app allows you access to all the data you need, and it also allows you to bet and trade on the move.

You can even use the app to set up everything in advance with certain triggers for how much you want to stake, or how much you want to try to win, or what price you want to back or lay a horse at. You just need to find what’s comfortable for you.

When it comes to the information itself, then it’s about learning how a horse has previously performed or how races are often run at certain tracks, for example.

It is generally much easier to lay a horse in-running than to back as you don’t actually then need the horse to win.

So if you look at the data available on your betting app and find a horse is a front-runner but then rarely wins or usually finishes out of the money, it is a good opportunity to lay in-running at a shorter price after backing the horse before the off. This can then help to guarantee a profit.

Alternatively, Lord Windermere came from last to first to win the 2014 Cheltenham Gold Cup and would have been a big price in-running.

If a particular track favours front-runners, though, then you need to be more cautious about trying to lay horses at shorter prices. A track like Chester does favour front-runners, especially if they are drawn low.

And you always want to avoid trying to take on short-priced favourites in-running as there is rarely any scope to make a profit.

Once you have sifted through all the information to find the horses you want to back or lay in-running that day, then you can decide how you want to set up your bets.

You can do it all manually in a few clicks. Or you could just take advantage of the automated functions on a betting app and apply certain rules to your bets.

That is the simple part. Taking the time to go through all the data is what requires the hard yards being put in. But, once you do, then you have a much better chance of winning money. 

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