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Many of us, especially those who have lived most of our lives in the city, might have not been able to attend to a single horse racing event that those people in the rural areas, or in places where there is a nearby racetrack enjoys. But those people who are familiar with how the event works truly enjoy the activity, especially if you put yourself under the condition that your bet might actually earn you tons of cash just by sitting and watching. There was a time before casinos and lotteries were legal, horse racing was the fad and number one amusement activity enjoyed by friends and family together. But if you are someone who enjoys sitting in front of your laptop while playing your favorite casino games online, someone who waits and plays for that big jackpot, you may play your favorite slots or roulettes at CasinoCanada.Online for a complete list of the available games.

If you have ever wanted to get involved in horse racing this will get  you off on the right track. Today, we will provide you with some of the basic things that you should know about horse racing whether you plan to go to a specific event or in your local racetrack. Knowing everything you should about horse racing will provide you with the knowledge to make a good bet and for you to enjoy the game.

But first, why does one need to go to horse racing events?

Hasty generalizations will tell us a long-held assumption that horse racing is only for our grandfathers or old people. If you are someone who is affected by this, you may want to read on.

Attending horse racing events will bring you an incredible experience. While gambling in casino and gambling in a horse track do not pose much obvious differences, horse racing is all about entertainment; it is about your experience as a viewer; it is about the small talks and the catching up with friends and family in an outdoor setting. Whether you lose money or win some, you will head back home smiling knowing that you have not wasted your time because you actually enjoyed the moment with the ones you truly care about.

If you and your family are planning to go out to have fun, a pro football or basketball game would easily cost you around $500 for food and tickets, and that is a lot of money. While in horse racing, admission tickets should be the least of your worries since they are usually free and the lowest bet you can make on each horse is $2. Know that you can also buy your food elsewhere, or better yet, bring your own home cooked meals and drinks. Sometimes, horse racing events make for a really good dating idea, too!

Kinds of Horse Racing Bets You Should be Familiar With

There are two kinds of wagers you can choose from when you want to bet on the ponies: exotic wagers and straight wagers. For someone who has no prior knowledge about horse racing, we will stick with the simpler straight wagers for they are cheap and simple. You should just choose one horse to come in the first place, second, and third. The lowest bet you can do at most racetracks for this type of wager is $2.

On the other hand, exotic wagers will give you the freedom to place multiple bets on different horses in a single wager. These are usually harder to win than the previous type of wagers because it would require an advance knowledge and skill in the way you qualify and choose your horse. And usually, they are more expensive, but would provide you with much greater payoffs than straight wagers.



Things to remember about straight wagers

Never forget that you can only place a bet on just one horse under straight wagers.

Win – You are placing a bet that your chosen horse will get to come in first. If your horse does finish first, you can collect. Yay!

Show – You are placing your bet that your chosen horse will either finish first place, second, or third. Since you are dividing your bets, you will then have a bigger chance at actually winning, but your payout is less than when you just bet on a single horse to finish first.

Place – You are placing your bet that your chosen horse will either finish first place or second place. Just like ‘show’ above, you are getting less payout for having hedged your bets.

What do I say to the person at the teller when placing my bet?

Now that you are familiar with what kind of wager should work for you as beginner, the time has come to finally place your bet.

If you are now in the teller, we recommend that you only use human tellers because those automatic machines usually have longer queues. There is also a chance that you would punch in a wrong button when placing your bet. Human tellers, on the other hand, are accurate, friendly, and fast than automatic machines.

Get your money ready because things may move faster than you expected at the counter. You certainly do not want to be the cause of delay just because you could not find your $2.

Here are the things that you should say to the teller.

-        The race number and racetrack (if you will be betting on a race at a completely different track than you are actually at)

-        The amount of the bet you would like to place

-        Kind of bet you will be placing

-        And your chosen horse’s program number

Horse racing is a fun activity to be enjoyed with friends and family. Do not forget to also set your budget so you do not go beyond your financial capabilities. This website provides you with all the information that you need to enjoy and excel at betting on horse racing. If you wish to leave a comment, please do so below. We would love to hear from you.

Images by Daniel and Sven van Bellen under Public Domains CC0 

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