Aqueduct Horse Racing

On late September 1894, the original Aqueduct race track was opened and about 700 visitors joined that event. The old race track was demolished on 1955 and rebuilds a new one that opened on September 14, 1959. As years passed by, their priority is to always improve and make this facility become more attractive and beautiful. So a lot of renovations has been made and those renovations were on year 2001, 2006 and the last renovation was made on 2007.

“BIG A” is the common nickname for Aqueduct race track. It is a facility where Thoroughbred racing is usually done. Located at South Ozone Park New York and during the months of October or November up to last week of April, this race track is mostly active and numerous of people visited this place to watch events. It just recently added a casino which has been a long standing project that should provide a lot of good revenue for the sport of horse racing.

This racetrack is the only track that is located at New York City limits and the New York Racing Association’s headquarters. Aqueduct race track can accommodate up to 17,000 people but the total capacity of this race track can maximize up to 90,000. They are running 3 courses in Aqueduct. First is the Main Track – Dirt, with a total circumference of 1.8 kilometers, second is Inner Dirt Track which is inside the Main Track and with exact total of 1.6 kilometer long. During winter time, Inner Dirt Track consists of special type of dirt to be use in races. And third, which is the innermost course is a turf – a grass course with 7 furlongs plus 1.4 kilometer.

Among all of the horse racing tracks Aqueducts is the first and only one place that happened the triple dead heat for win in a stake race. During Carter Handicap on 1944, Brownie, Bossuet and Wait A Bit hit the finish line at the same time. And during the Eleven-Race Program at Aqueduct on April 2006, another rare and unforgettable moment was happened when the dead heats for each of the three ‘MONEY’ positions occurred in 3 different races. You never know what is going to happen at Aqueduct but one thing you can be assure of and that is great horse racing matches.

Especially with the addition to the casino there will be larger purses which will get some of the best horses battling it out. See you at the track!

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