8 step Horse Betting System

In scouring the loads of information out there in horse racing betting I have developed a simple little horse betting system. Basically when you are looking at a horse racing form you come across various information about the horse, its past races, and current form.  All of the factors play a huge role on who will actually win the race and if you can make notes of these various things you will gravitate the winning horse most of the time. Here is what I do from the time I get the racing form until my bet is made.

1.) Make arrows for drops and 2 for big drops in class
When you are looking at the horse racing form you will see the different classes that they have raced in. If you need a brush up there is information on this site that helps. The first and most important step is notating the ones that dropped and going up. I do 2 arrows for big drops and rises. This gives you a great starting point.

2.)  Go through each horse and see about 1st time lasix or blinkers. Most of the time a horse has an improvement with the addition of blinkers or lasix the owners put thought in this move . The horse may run faster but still may not win the race none the less make a notation of the ones that are doing it for the first time.

3.) Check for the favorite last time out but did not win.
The general public is very good at finding the winners. If you spot a horse that was favored last time out but did not win the race. (you will see this by an asterisk) Make a note of that by circling it or highlighting it. Good odds of this horse coming through if a strong effort.

4.) Look for an excuse last time out.
Sometimes the horse had a last bad outing but broke out of the gate bad or was bumped. Check the comments there if you see something like that cross the race out and pretend it never happened. This could be a diamond in the short rough. Get it! Make a note to this

5.) Look at prior odds @ this class or higher before
Like I said the general betting public is accurate over time. If you see that this horse was on the favored side at a same or higher class take note. Also if it was not favored at lower then this horse may not even be in the running today.

6.) Top Jockey make a notation.
At many tracks Jockeys rule the day. They are the some of the most knowledgeable and some times they pick (okay most of the time) who they want to ride. Look at the famous Borel kind of strange on how he picks a fast horse. Is he that good? Yes but he cannot make a donkey into a Kentucky Derby champion. He knows he is on a good horse whether the public does or not.

7.) Look at speed ratings
Don’t forget to look at the speed ratings with the ratings taking into account this is important.

8.) Look at distance preference.
Does this horse like the distance today? Has he won at this distance or been competitive in the past? Does he still have a little kick in the stretch especially when he does not need it?

So here are some great things to note with this simple horse racing betting system. After you go through these horse betting tips you will see one or two horses that will really emerge. Happy handicapping guys and for more free horse racing tips and strategies.

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  • By Malachi Svetson, April 15, 2012 @ 3:04 am

    Not to mention the Olympics in London to add to what is going to be an incredible year.

    If you’re betting on the horse racing however, don’t forget to stay disciplined with your selections, with all the other sports taking place, it will no doubt be easy to get distracted and lead to casual bets on many sports without thinking.

    Keep a majority of your bank for the racing tips, and it may be wise to set aside some fun money to bet on the football, the Olympics etc

    Don’t forget that despite what many people say, horse racing is one of the safest sports to bet on so don’t get carried away with other sports in the summer, do this and you’ll be fine.

  • By admin, April 19, 2012 @ 7:49 am

    Yes I agree you can bet moderately and have a great time handicapping horses without losing a bunch of money. Its good to look at it as entertainment more than trying to get rich:-)

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