6 Horse Racing Fundamentals

In interviewing some of the best handicappers in the industry they have some general mistakes horse racing bettors overlook.  Here are some things they covered and you can put into your arsenal for betting on the winners and skipping over the losers.

1.) Make a decision and stick to it, whether you are using a system that you like, your years of knowledge or both you should stand behind your convictions. Make your horseracing selection, take your time, use the knowledge you have at your fingertips with this site, and stick to it.

2.) If you are in position to actually see your horse never bet on a horse that sweats or is nervous before a race. This is usually a poor bet and can save you some money on factors the general public usually does not see.

3.) Don’t be overly influenced by the tote board after you eliminate or throw a horse out forget about it. The juicy odds on the tote board can have you seeing things that are not actually there. If you stick with your first instinct you will be right most of the time.

4.) Begin by eliminating a horse that you feel is unfit or outclassed. This is where a bulk of your handicapping comes into play. Most of your time will revolve around these two factors is the horse in good form and how competitive is he considering the field he is facing against. The bulk of this horse racing betting site gives you advice and strategies for finding out these two answers.

5.) Don’t let overconfidence take the place of hard work and thoroughness. Be consistent and do your homework. If you do this and watch your results adjusting along the way with a good money management system you will win over the long term. Don’t get greedy or cocky they both work against you.

6.) Always remember there are a 100 ways for a horse to lose the race your handicapping. You might have done your homework and feel you have the lock and circumstances beyond your control propels a horse that you would never of thought had a chance. Stand behind your convictions and keep results over the long term you will see who is right and if you work hard at it you will come out on top.

These are some golden tips that some people get themselves off track with. Use these principles consistently in handicapping horse racing.

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