5 Step Horse Racing Betting Strategy

When examining a Daily Racing Form it can be overwhelming with all the different information that the form provides you with. Here is 5 things to look for win handicapping  your horse racing form. This is quick and easy to use with amazing results

1.) Class Moves~ you can learn a lot on the particular horse race that you are handicapping by looking at what class its in and what it was the prior race.

Look at each horse in the race and after taking note on the class that its racing at today look at the previous race. Today is it taking a drop in class today if so I like to put one down arrow to draw attention to this. If its taking a huge drop I use 2 down arrows.

After you complete this for each horse then see if overall how strong this horse race is this? Are there a lot of horses moving up or alot moving down? Were they competitive at all in the race that they are dropping from?

2.) The next thing to look for is Trainers~ you can do a quick scan and look for things like when the horse was claimed last. Are there any statistics that favor this horse winning after being claimed by this particular trainer. This statistic is usually at the very bottom of the entry to show if the trainer has a record of winning quite a few in first time after claiming.

3.) Equipment changes~ this is overlooked frequently in horse racing but can be a key indicator that the horse will show some speed this race. If a horse is adding blinkers today its a good chance that it will have better focus and sometimes better speed to in horse racing betting small things can make a big difference. Take note of this on each horse and mark it so you know. Sometimes you will see more than one statistic that favor the horse running a big race today and that is key to landing a nice ticket.

4.) Beaten Favorites~ This is a easy to spot statistic if you look where the horse finished last race and see if there is an asterisk by the odds if it has one that means it was the favored horse last time out. Then see what place the horse finished in the race. This can be a great thing to note and especially if in comments it had a bobbled start or something that messed its rhythm up. If you have a horse like this and then is adding blinkers.. look out he might be gearing up for a fast race today.

5.) Troubled Trips~ It kind of links up with beaten favorites but you should look at all the entries to see if the last race it had a troubled trip in comments. If so that may be the reason it did not run up to par so a note should be made of this.

Hope this helps if you start your handicapping this way every time it should really clear things up and allow you to zero in on the winning horse. Use this in your arsenal and bring home some huge winning tickets. There will be times when you do this and it will be glaring obvious on the horse that is going to dominate today and there will be races where it will not. Use every advantage and piece of information you can to visualize the race in your head seeing the horse that wins before the race even takes place.

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  • By lara, October 29, 2012 @ 12:23 am

    This makes sense. Excellent info.

  • By Jules, October 31, 2012 @ 6:22 am

    Thank you so much for this! This is a great help. Now, I have better chances of winning my bets. 🙂

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