2016 Preakness Analysis~ Andrew Beyer & Steven Crist

Hello my fellow horse racing handicappers!

With the big race coming up tomorrow on Saturday for the huge running of the Preakness. We have another shot at seeing a triple crown winner as Nyquist is making a solid name for himself. He has been firing on all his previous races and had a good race in the Kentucky Derby. I just got off a live conference call with two of the best in the game. Here are some notes on what the legend Andrew Beyer and one of the top handicappers in the world Steven Crist have to say about the horses for the Preakness. We will take you through it horse by horse:

#4 Awesome Speed– No factor, Won’t be a consideration

#6 Lani– Don’t think he can win the race, possible 3rd or 4th. Not a bad last race, can close to finish 3rd though

#8 Laoban– Not a bad horse but will be no factor, no factor that shows he can come close

#9 Abiding Star– He has just been beating up on weak competition (no impact) no factor at all.

#10 Fellowship– Somebody has to be 4th, not too impressed, no contention for 1st or 2nd but not in the top 3.

#1 Cherrywine– May end up being a good horse, could nail 3rd and will bet him to be 3rd, big closer, don’t like the Blue Grass, might lien more to followshipe but owner has good record for longshot plotters

#2 Uncle Lino– Has good speed and respectable speed last time out. Could win some reaces but not in this big race. Maybe get 4th or 5th at best.

#7 Collected– Will be close early but hard to get in the top 2, Horse is just not good enough, throw him out.

#11 Stradivari– Has not done enough to be ready, throwing this horse into the deep end of the pool, not enough experience. Could show up 3rd in the race if the top two will not be there. Could pop in but not using him honestly.

#5 Exaggerator– Last two races were excellent. Will take him in what he thinks is a two horse race. Both horses deserve respect and come out fir#ing but Nyquist has him 4 to 0.

#3 Nyquist– Should win and really good horse with only one horse to beat exaggerator. Should win this race.

There you have it advice from the best of the best! Good luck and happy handicapping:-)

Joe Kaufman



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