13 step horse racing staking plan

There are many methods and horse racing systems that are out there for sale. Some are very easy to do for fun and some almost require a mathematician to figure out. Some work very good and some are like throwing a dart blindfolded. This horse racing staking system has been around for ages.

Its to this date one of the most effective systems created and very easy simple to use. It does require some work on your part and you have to be consistent with it. This horse racing system requires extreme patience which is the hardest part to accomplish. Here it is and you can thank me later.

Winning long term is what we are after and this systems does just that:

1.) Do not bet 7, 8, 9 races in one meeting. There are thousands that do this and end up ultimately losing money.

2.) Go to a meeting looking for the one prime opportunity to place one good bet. Have patience if the opportunity is not there then don’t bet.

3.) Only consider races that have 8 to 12 runners-> no more and no less.

4.) The first step is to read all your meetings in your DRF/paper or favorite website.

5.) Scrub the track or tracks go through one meeting at a time and throw out races with more than 12 runners. If a race has only 8 runners than your selection only has to beat 5 to be placed. If there are 9 runners it has to beat 6 horses and odds against him increase 20%. 10 runners have to beat 7 and odds against you increase 40%. Bigger the field say 16 runners now you have to beat 13 runners and odds are against 160%. So you can see how odds stack up against you with each additional horse. So max is 12 runners now you have diminished some races and this will slow your game down and give you more thought time on the other races.

6.) If you have horses in the race that have no form or are first timers with no form discard this race

7.) Keep in mind if we are place betting we will only collect a dividend if the horse comes in 1st or 2nd. It isa smaller dividend than the outright win but over time these place victories will pay off. You are going after place success so you will hit more races than a straight win and develop a consistency of success.

8.) Now resort to the racing paper you usually use or website that you usually view. Also buy different analysis of the race publications and compare against each other. If 3 0r 4 different sources cannot come to agreement on 2 horses then throw this race out.

9.) When you have a consensus of 1 or 2 horses look at the comments they say about him/her. Take notice of really hot favorites to win many times the paper or your source will make comments like cannot lose or this is the one to beat. Also look at the negative comments for other horses like “not this time” or “nothing positive.”

10.) Also make sure the horse has a good jockey if the jockey is almost unheard of then this could be a deal breaker. You need a reputable or solid jockey on this favorite horse.

11.) You want the good, hard, or fast track condition or throw the race out.

12.) You want the horse to be high up close to the rail like 1st thru 4th position.

13.) If after this process you have a horse that stands out and meets all the criteria. Make a fairly large to your comfort level place bet.

This is a great program for winning consistently at the track. Monitor the weather to make sure conditions of track does not change. When you work hard doing your homework you will probably only have 2 0r 3 selections for the whole week.

You will become a winner with consistent consecutive success with this amazing horse racing staking method.

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