11 Step Simple Horse Racing System

Here are very powerful horse racing betting concepts that can keep your winnings consistent and your handicapping sharp.

These are some old basic rules but still finds relevance today. IF you are going to the track on a moments notice, pop into an OTB with not a lot of time, or a beginner to horse racing this is a perfect start for giving you some quality choices without spending a ton of time handicapping a race. This will eliminate some of the horses giving you some quick choice of the solid horses poised to win:

1.) No plays on tracks that are slow, heavy, Muddy or otherwise off; a track must be fast or good to permit this system wager

2.) No fillies or mares are to be played against colts, horses, or geldings from April 1 to September 1 of each year.

3.) No Plays on two year olds

4.) No Plays on aged horses (animals over six)

5.) No Chronic quitters are to be played

6.) No horse known to have any physical infirmity, to be unsound in any way is to be played

7.) No horse entered in a claiming race at a valuation under $1500 is to be played in any event (the modern equivalent of this rule remains unknown, but might be around $5000)

8.) No horse is to be accepted as a play under this system when definitely going up in class, in comparison with earlier races, in reference to the class of opposition he is entered against.

9.) No horse otherwise qualifying as a play can be accepted if he is conspicuously over weighted.

10.) No sprinters are to be played in route races

11.) No route-type horses are to be played in sprints

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  • By lara, October 29, 2012 @ 12:26 am

    That’s so true about No Plays on two year olds. Good info.

  • By uday, October 31, 2012 @ 8:04 am

    that’s really true no plays on two year old.good information.

  • By sonam, October 31, 2012 @ 11:18 pm

    Horse racing system is no more use for on two years olds for conserving. it must not be limited on play.

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