10 Reasons why you lose at horse racing

Here is a list on the top 10 reasons people lose at horse racing. While it is very important to know the strategies and tips in horse racing betting on what to do. If you don’t know the pitfalls that are out there that many veterans handicappers fall into you could be a victim and suffer some huge losses over time in the horse racing handicapping world.

1.) You don’t buy the program.. this is a novice mistake but we will start off with this one. You should always have your own program and not borrow someone else’s or just us a Horse race tip sheet. Its important to have all the facts in front of you about the horse race, the past performances, and the variety of data the horse racing program gives you. By sharing one you limit your amount of time handicapping the race and might be influenced by someone else’s thoughts.

2.) Odds chase you off a horse…. this is a common one for even some of the experienced horse racing enthusiast. Don’t try to beat an unstoppable horse if the horse is getting a lot of play then he is probably going  to be in the top two. If the odds are crazy in favor and you see no money to be made don’t jump horses just jump the race. When you do your homework in horse race betting and the public pics the same horse don’t shoot yourself in the foot and throw money out the window. Make your selection and stick with it or skip the race. You do this and you will find more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

3.) Favorites with a long shot in there looking for a big payout…. The handicappers that win the most in this horse racing game play a handful of races and make a smart selection or two on the good quality horse that has the best chance of winning. When you are throwing a long shot in there just because you are chasing a big money ticket. Its having the odds work against you which is never a good thing. Be consistent and your profits will be too.

4.) Come right back to the track the next day or two after having a big day in horse racing…. We all love those big days don’t we. For most they don’t happen very frequently so its very smart to continue to be discipline and don’t change your method up. Basically don’t get greedy with your horse racing bets. Take a few days and don’t be in a hurry to get back to the track just go the normal times that you would if you lost. Handicappers have a big day and then look to break the bank and in the world of Horse Racing this can break you.

5.) Your at the track everyday… this goes along with four but it has its spot here. On Monday and Tuesday usually the worse horses are on the track. Don’t become addicted to horse racing betting. Its a fun amazing sport but everything should be in moderation so you are assured that not only are you making a little bit of money but you are enjoying the horses run. If it becomes work then it can work against your intuition which can be deadly at this racing sport.

6.) You Drink too much and bet…. If you are going to the track or go there after a day of drinking you might want to keep that money in your pocket because the track will let you give it to them. Betting drunk does not make you a better handicapper it just makes you bet more than you usually would and sometimes your logic flies out the window.

7.) You bring too much cash to the track… This happens over and over again people bring too much money to the track and say that they Will only bet this much but after a few hard races they bet more. Have you noticed some days the smartest horse racing bets that you placed are the last race or two or when your money is real tight you start to make money. Use this to your advantage and don’t bring as much with you so that cannot be a factor in your horse racing handicapping.

8.) Play too many tracks… With horse racing today there are many tracks going on at the same time and you can have a field day with your racing bets. The smart thing to do is find a track or two that you like and get to know that track. You will find that some tracks just don’t favor your betting style and some do harness which is a whole different ball field.

9.) Bet Big after a big win…Its very easy after you cash a nice ticket in to go real big in the next race or two. While it is smart to bet a little more while you are winning you want to stay consistent with your method that got you there in the first place and do not go all out on races.

10.) Last but not least, you don’t know when to call it a day… this is important and I think you knew it was coming. With horse racing there are so many factors that can affect the outcome of a race don’t let it discourage you if you have done your homework you will not have many bad days but when you call it a day. You are not winning if you are up in the 5th race you are only winning when you are driving away with money in your pocket. So know when to call it a day also plays a part when you are having a great day as well. Take their money and get out of there. You don’t have to continue to play there money until you break even its not a requirement.

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  • By Anonymous, June 29, 2011 @ 1:26 am

    It’s a great post giving an idea to people who do bet properly or doing the right thing to do…

  • By admin, January 19, 2012 @ 7:40 am

    Yeah that is true there are a lot of ways to do it out there but its mainly finding what works for you
    and sticking with it

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